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  1. James
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  3. Monday, 19 March 2018
Hi guys
Was wondering could anyone help me.
If I make a performance ,say piano /strings patch. Is there a way of transposing only that patch and saving it transposed so that when it's recalled it's already transposed,.
I know this can be done on a korg .
Means you make make patches transpose them save them transposed.
What seems to happen is when I make a patch and transpose it save it it's every sound on the motif that's transposed.
Hope I'm making sense.
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Bad Mister Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
We can't help you with the Korg (don't know it's Modes or terminology like I know ES) but on your Yamaha you need to learn the difference between having "every sound on the motif that's transposed", which you seemed to have discovered on your own, and how to change just the sounds you want to change.

On your ES the word "Transpose" is used to refer to the Keyboard transmitting, or the Sequencer transmitting.
The words "Note Shift" are used when referring to the Tone Generator receiving. Since Note Shift is a parameter of the tone engine, it can be stored to each Performance. (You discovered how to change the Keyboard transmitting which is just for the moment). You can store Tone Generator settings to each program... make sense?

Press [EDIT]
Press a button [1]-[4] to view a particular Part
Press [F4] TONE
Press [SF1] TUNE
Note Shift is in semitones, and each Part can be shifted up or down as you require, and it can be stored with the Performance.
12 semitones = an octave.
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