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  1. Kenny
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  3. Tuesday, 08 May 2018
Hello, I am using an LG 4k Display with Cubase 9.5 /Motife XS8 with the VST e3ditor vfia usb my problem is a strange resizing of resulution 100% shrinkage occurs as motif is selcted for a new track. It's as if you were in the Easy Access depatment in widows and found the Magnification feature. now no other combination produces what I have described Only cilcking from Rack, External/ Motif XS..........followed by Cubase now collapses reborn as tiny Cubase/tiny VST editor I will advise one to do research on how your important p-lugins VSTI are going to size up on 4k and honestly I have yet to find resources so here I am. I,m @ reccomended 3840 x 2160 Apollo Twin Mk2 Quad Thunderbolt Motu896Mk3 Motif XS8 Cubase 9.5.221 Thanks Kenny
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Bad Mister Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I have no experience with 4K resolutions, although I can only image the incompatibilities. You may want to contact Steinberg through your MySteinberg Account. They will certainly be up on what can be done to optimize screens for software. They will at least have information on the subject. I will rattle the tree from this side but your best bet is to start a query through MySteinberg. Let us know (I will as well).
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Peter Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I'd like to follow this thread. My situation is similar, although I don't have the "4K" monitors. But launching my Motif XS VST Editor within Cubase Pro always puts Cubase at a smaller screen resolution.
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