Synth History: Dom Sigalas on CS40M

Check out the CS40M
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SynthBits: Three CS-80s

Keyboardist and Producer Andy Whitmore lays it down!
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Synth History: CP70M with Xantoné Blacq

Xantoné Jams on the CP70M Electric Grand.
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SynthBits: Rimela and the CS-30

A cool groove featuring the CS-30!
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History of the Synthesizer, Part 1

Ever wonder where synthesizers came from?
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Synth History: CS80 with Krzysztof Pająk

Take a tour of the legendary CS-80.
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Synth History: YC25D with Lutz Krajenski

Great video. Great player. Classic instrument.
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SynthBits: A Handmade Miniature CS-80

Check out the detail!
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Behind the Synth: Classic Yamaha Synth Retrospectives

Behind the Synth episodes featuring classic Yamaha Synthesizers!
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Behind the Synth: Gary Leuenberger Synth Chat

Check out this chat with one of the original FM programmers!
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SynthBits: The Mighty CS-80

Check out this great video about the Mighty CS-80!
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Behind the Synth: CS-30 Retrospective

Listen to Nate and Blake get their nerd on with the CS-30 synthesizer.

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Behind the Synth: YC-45D Retrospective

Nate and Blake explore the YC-45D combo organ.
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SynthBits: CS-80 Famous Presets

Check out some of the iconic sounds of the Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer in this short video.
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SynthBits: CS-80 Blade Runner 2050 by Firechild

Check out this cool video with music created entirely on the Yamaha CS-80!
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SynthBits: Synth Stuff Ep. 25: The CS-80

Check out this cool overview of the legendary CS-80!

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Behind the Synth: CS-80 Retrospective

This week's episode of "Behind the Synth" is all about the CS-80.
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SynthBits: Look Mum No Computer and the CS80

Check out this great video tour of the CS80 from Look Mum No Computer.
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Synthbits: Yamaha CS15 + Ventris Dual Verb

From our friends at Sonicstate comes this synth jam with a CS15 processed with a Ventris Dual Reverb pedal!
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Synthbits: First Patch on CS30

Check out Tatsuya Takahashi build a sound on the Yamaha CS-30.
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