Synth History: Dom Sigalas on FS1R

The unique FS1R Formant Shaping FM Synthesizer
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SynthBits: SY35 Sound Demos

YouTube creator Runningonair plays the unique SY35
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Synth History: Dom Sigalas on VL1

Dom Sigalas explores the groundbreaking VL1 Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer.
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Synth History: VP1 with Dom Sigalas

Synth History: VP1 with Dom Sigalas
Dom Sigalas explores the one of the rarest Yamaha Synthesizers.
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Synth History: SY99 with Dom Sigalas

Dom explores the SY Series flagship.
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History of the Synthesizer, Part 2

From the 1980s to today!
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SynthBits: TG55 Presets by Midiverse - TV

Check out how good it sounds in the three videos below!
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SynthBits: SY35 Presets by MootBooxle

Dynamic Vector Synthesis!
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SynthBits: QS300 Video with Katsunori Ujiie

A Fun 90s Blast from the Past with Ujiie-san!
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Behind the Synth: Classic Yamaha Synth Retrospectives

Behind the Synth episodes featuring classic Yamaha Synthesizers!
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Behind the Synth: VL1 Retrospective with Manny Fernandez

Check out this 4-part episode of our podcast on the groundbreaking VL1 with sound designer Manny Fernandez.
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SynthBits: Floyd Steinberg's EX5 Playlist

Check out all the EX5 related content from Floyd!
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SynthBits: Katsunori Ujiie and the EX5!

Check out Katsunori Ujiie's EX5 Video!
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Behind the Synth: EX5 Retrospective

In celebration of 1990s week we give you this week's episode of Behind the Synth featuring the EX5!
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EX5: 1998 Power User, Part III

Part III of the EX5 Power User Saga is here and it's the deepest part! Sampling, Re-Sampling, Sequencing and Breath Control are all covered here. Check it out. 

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EX5: 1998 Power User, Part I

As part of our EX5 tribute week we give you Phil "Bad Mister" Clendeninn's EX5 Power User from 1998!
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EX5: 1998 Power User, Part II

Part II of Phil "Bad Mister" Clendeninn's 1998 EX5 Power User.
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Introducing: Yamaha Synth Space L.A.

Over 40 years of synth history!
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Synthbits: A Demonstration of the AN1x Control Synthesizer

This tasty birthday bite of synth celebrates the AN1x Control Synthesizer - released by Yamaha in 1997.
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Synthbits: A Celebration of the Classic RM1x with RaveTracks

Synthbits: A Celebration of the Classic RM1x with RaveTracks
In 1999 Yamaha released the RM1x Sequence Remixer. Now, 18 years later (!) we celebrate this classic box featuring YouTube user RaveTracks is our latest tasty bit of Synth!
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