Tech Talk
S04E04 Replay

By: Blake Angelos

CK features you might not know about.

In episode four of Tech Talk season 4 we looked at the versatility of CK Series Stage Keyboards. With built in speakers, Bluetooth audio connectivity, an A/D input, USB stereo audio and MIDI connectivity and battery power there are plenty of uses:

  • Use CK as your main keyboard and sound system at a coffee house gig. A singer can plug in a mic, route their voice through the effects, and mix it with the keyboard sound output it into a pair of powered speakers. During breaks connect Bluetooth audio from a mobile device and play background music while you get coffee.
  • Use CK61 as your top keyboard for auxiliary sounds on a club gig. CK is lightweight, has an organ drawbar section, mono mode (with portamento and unison mode), and USB MIDI and stereo audio connectivity for playing and monitoring virtual instruments from a computer. No other audio device needed!
  • Record song ideas with your singer/songwriter friend using the A/D input and computer interface. The A/D input works great for guitars and vocals. You can record audio and MIDI tracks to a computer with the onboard USB stereo audio and MIDI connection. Record vocals with effects like compressor and delay, guitars with distortion and chorus and track MIDI and audio from virtual instruments and CK onboard sounds. 
  • Take CK camping and jam around the campfire. With battery power and built in speakers, the CK gives you the power to add keys to singalongs.

Check out our Tech Talk on CK Versatility and see how we showed this powerful feature set below. 

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