MONTAGE Sayonara

By: Blake Angelos

Farewell, thank you and one more thing.

Today we are discontinuing the MONTAGE music synthesizer.

Since its launch in 2016, MONTAGE has provided musicians with new ways to express themselves. As much as we would have liked to, we cannot develop the current MONTAGE any further.

As a thank you we are providing a final set of content free of charge for all MONTAGE owners. This pack contains three acoustic pianos: a Yamaha U1 upright piano, a Yamaha C3 grand piano (AKA “Nashville Grand”) and a Felt Yamaha U1 upright piano. MONTAGE owners can download this content free of charge right here.

We appreciate the music you made as well as the passion you show for Yamaha Synthesizers. Thank you for your support!

And one more thing…the next generation MONTAGE synthesizer is coming in October. Stay tuned right here at YamahaSynth.com for more information.

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