By: Blake Angelos

Here’s a quick start guide for your new SEQTRAK!

SEQTRAK’s versatility allows connectivity to a wide range of music and audio gear. This guide describes and how to connect to your devices.

USB C Connection

SEQTRAK ’s USB C TO HOST port connects MIDI and audio from SEQTRAK to your computer or iOS or Android device down a single USB C cable. This allows a multitude of recording and performance possibilities. For example:

  • Record and playback MIDI. You can record MIDI Tracks generated by SEQTRAK playback into a DAW. The FX LEVEL, HIGH PASS and REPEATER movements are recorded as MIDI controller data.
  • Record SEQTRAK audio digitally to your DAW.
  • Play and monitor computer, iOS, or Android audio through the SEQTRAK ’s audio output.
  • Connect to the SEQTRAK App.

iOS and Android Devices: Connect SEQTRAK to your device with a USB C cable. For Apple products with Lightning connectors you’ll need a Lightning to USB C Cable.

Mac and PC: To connect SEQTRAK to Mac or PC you’ll need the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver. Here’s where to get it:

After downloading the file, follow the installation instructions. Connect SEQTRAK to your computer with a USB C cable. If you don’t have a USB C port on your computer, you’ll need a USB C to USB A cable.

Bluetooth Connection

SEQTRAK features onboard Bluetooth connectivity. Connect SEQTRAK wirelessly to the SEQTRAK app for the following uses:

  • Edit sounds and sequences with the GUI editor.
  • Learn SEQTRAK with the Dynamic Tutorial.
  • Create deep interactive visuals with the Visualizer.

Here’s how to connect to your device:

  • Enable Bluetooth on the external device.
  • Power on SEQTRAK and open the SEQTRAK App. You will see this:
  • Touch on “GO TO DEVICE CONNECTION”. On SEQTRAK, press and hold the [ALL] knob and the [SWING] button:
  • Your SEQTRAK will appear in the screen. Select the name (highlighted in the red square below) to connect:

Explore features offered by the SEQTRAK App like the GUI Editor and Dynamic Tutorial:

WiFi Connection

SEQTRAK’s built in WiFi allows wireless management of Projects and Sounds. You can connect directly (AP Mode) or through a wireless network (Client Mode). The SEQTRAK App gives you step-by-step instructions. You can manage files via the USB C connection, too:

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