Nick Batt from Sonicstate stopped by after NAMM to see the Yamaha Synth Space. Check out his interview with Nate Tschetter. 
Sometimes when you select a Performance in MONTAGE or MODX it is almost right. In those situations all it takes are a few edits using the rotary encoders, adjusting filter cutoff, effects sends, EQ settings and so on. This video is all about making those quick tone edits and although it is specifically about MONTAGE it is relevant to MODX owners as
A.J. Rafael and his friends recently jammed out at our new Yamaha Synth Space!
MODX is a platform-based synthesizer - and taking advantage of the OS updates ensures that you have the latest sounds, effects and UI enhancements. To get the most out of your MODX, make sure you update to the lastest version. You can find it at the download section of the product page and we'll let you know when new versions are available on Yamah
We've been focusing on MONTAGE videos from Moessieurs each Monday. Now let's check out his MODX videos. Below is a nice overview for people new to MODX. Even if you don't speak French, no worries: There are subtitles in English! Check it out below:Want to share your thoughts/questions? Join the conversation on the Forum here.
Check it out below and from your friends at Happy New Year!!
This is the first in a short video series about the Motion Sequencer from the fantastic French MONTAGE and MODX site Moessieurs! Check it out below: Want to share your thoughts/comments? Join the conversation on the Forum here.
Get festive with your Yamaha MODX with Dom Sigalas and his FM Xmas sound pack!
One one of the finest examples of FM-X programming is "FM-Xperience", a content pack from German sound design team Easy Sounds. This content pack for MONTAGE and MODX is remarkable, with amazing drums generated entriely by FM-X, great leads, pads, comps and more. In this video from Moessieurs he chooses a some of the sounds from the pack and shows
Camelot Pro is a powerful software tool that intelligently connects and maps hardware MIDI devices and virtual instruments. With a simple interface, mulitplatform support (Windows, MacOS and iOS), attachments like scores and notes and more, Camelot makes connecting mulitple devices a breeze. Check out this video from Moessieurs as he connects MONTA
On October 17, Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. co-hosted “Two Yamahas, One Passion—RIDERS MEET PIANIST,” an event where the sensitivity of a pianist and motorcyclists blend into one, at the Yamaha Hall in Ginza, Tokyo.
This week's Moessieurs Monday continues with more about FM-X. Operator Levels are extremely important to the overall sound. Carrier levels change the overall volume and modulator levels change the timbre. Understanding this concept is crucial in FM-X programming and this video breaks it down nicely. He also shows you how to copy one operator to ano
Spectral Forms are powerful parameters that change the timbre of the sound in interesting ways. In conjunction with Operator frequency a wide range of unique sounds are possible. Check out the video below and learn more about the FM-X engine inside both MONTAGE and MODX:Want to share your thoughts/comments? Join the conversation on the Forum here.
The powerful FM-X engine in both MONTAGE and MODX is capable of many different sounds. From leads to pads, synth comps to special effects, FM-X can generate unique and compelling tones. This 18 minute video is a great introduction for anyone new to FM programming. Check it out below, and check back again next Monday for more from Moessieurs!
We showed you Camelot in this video from Superbooth18. This week's Moessieurs Monday shows the benefits of connnecting a MOTIF XF and MONTAGE using Camelot and all the ways you can control either keyboard in a variety of situations. Check out the video below, and go here for more information about Camelot. Want to meet the developers? Check out Bla
Check out this great overview of the new features added in MONTAGE OS v2.5! The DAW Remote feature alone is amazing. Watch the complete overview below! Want to share your thoughts/comments? Join the conversation on the Forum here.
Austin musical raconteur Scott Brackett is back with this entertaining and informative video about sound design. Read more to see his video and download his free custom MOTIF XF, MOXF, MONTAGE and MODX sound and sample content!
In this installment from Moessieurs he shows how to connect a microphone to MONTAGE and route the signal through the insertion effects. Rather than simply using conventional effects like reverb and delay he digs in and shows more creative uses with effects like Auto Synth, Lo-Fi, Amp Simulator, Talking Modulator and more! This is a great video for
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