SynthBits: Synthesizers, As Digested by a Classical Musician (Nahre Sol)

We’ve featured Nahre Sol on YamahaSynth playing a fugue at the beach and exploring a reface CP/looper combination. She’s a talented classically-trained pianist and composer whose YouTube channel features great videos about different musical genres, the creative process, music history and music technology. 

The video below chronicles Nahre’s quest to find out how “synthesized sounds can enhance, augment and at times stand in place of traditional acoustic sounds in the context of contemporary music”. Along the way she visits musicians with modular systems, modern and vintage synthesizers like the DX7 and ends with a very cool piece written and performed on the CP88 Stage Piano. Check out the full video below:

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Blake Angelos

Yamaha Synthesizer Product Specialist Blake Angelos has over thirty years of experience with music hardware and software. An expert in music technology, Blake has conducted numerous clinics, master classes and presentations throughout the United States, Europe and Canada. In his role as Product Specialist for the Synthesizer Department Blake appears in many product videos and artist interviews, writes many articles for and co-hosts a regular Podcast called “Behind the Synth”.Before his work with Yamaha, he taught music theory and jazz studies courses at Arizona State University; managed a technology-focused music store in Seattle and was a production supervisor at Microsoft, where he led a team that developed groundbreaking interactive music content for the Microsoft Network. Blake holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Northern Colorado and a Master of Music degree from Arizona State University. Blake currently resides in Bellingham, Washington with his family, and between his travels around the world for Yamaha, he performs as much as possible with several jazz and creative music groups in Bellingham, Seattle and other places in the Pacific Northwest.

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