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  1. Jason
  2. Montage
  3. Thursday, 03 August 2017
Yamaha, by no means is this an issue in the live setting or when sitting in front of the keyboard. However, Montage is not very photogenic under certain circumstances. Due to the chosen frequency of the LED (assuming a PWM type scheme adjusting duty cycle for intensity with fixed frequency) - many videos show the LEDs flickering. The latest K-Sounds Organimation video is one such example. Of course the only way to totally get rid of the issue is to go constant voltage with variation in current from the LED driver rather than a pulse (since you have a chance of encountering some sampling issues in the optical domain with a slow refresh rate recorder). With current recording equipment the standard, when using a PWM type LED signal, is trending towards high frequency using several kHz (3+). Not sure where Montage sits (haven't measured it - not going to void warranty over this). At any rate - providing some testing for video capture of the interface with various classes of devices (cell phone, USB cameras, DSLR camera, consumer-grade video cameras, etc) would help identify any possible issues. This is low on the totem pole - but those who do not own a Montage and have not yet seen one first hand may be alarmed by some of these videos that show artifacts of the video capture process.
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