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"System down" error message on my Yamaha S90

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I have a Yamaha synthesizer "S90" bought long time ago.
I haven't used it so long but recently I thought maybe I should give a try to use the old synth piano at home for fun.
When I power it on, it gives the error message below (the figures are not accurate as I copied and pasted it from somebody else's post who has had a similar issues as mine. )
It eventually disappears and the piano works if I turn it on and off several times or sometimes more than several times.

I called a Yamaha service center to see if what they can do with this discontinued model and they said it might be a capacitor issue (it is also known as a mainboard??). I am a layman in electronic devices so I won't know. But it would cost about $500 to get it fixed ... and they also said that it'd be better to bring it to the center when it still works otherwise there might nit even a troubleshooting if the machine doesn't get powered. I don't want to spend that much money on this old gadget but it is still a very good synthesizer so I was wondering if there is any way to get it fixed with less money spent.

A friend of mine told me that it might be a soldering issue on the capacitor, he might be able to help as he knows how to solder stuffs... but he also said it wouldn't work without a total replacement of the capacitor or main board if it isn't about soldering.

Advice, please?

=== system down ===

unregistered interrupt
error code 00000420
occurrence at 8c007620
content of SR 40000000

Posted : 21/05/2021 1:25 am
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When I power it on, it gives the error message below (the figures are not accurate as I copied and pasted it from somebody else's post who has had a similar issues as mine. )

I would not make any moves based on someone else’s error message that might have a similar issue. Nor would I make a decision based on such a telephone call to a service center.

The way most repair services work is they will take a look at your product, run diagnostic tests (which will pinpoint the issue) — it is at that time you can find out not only what the problem is, but exactly what your options and cost of repair should be... all before work begins.

This may vary some depending on where in the world you live... but repairs do not take place until you get an diagnosis of what is the exact problem. The cost of parts is one thing, the repair shop’s ‘bench time’ (what they charge for labor) is another. Those two things must be agreed upon by you before service can begin. (Here in the USA, for example, they have to give you, on request, the old parts that they replaced... this prevents them from charging you for things they did not replace).

The fewer “what if’s” the better!
What if ...your problem is different from the error message you provide — the wrong repair would take place and you would be out of luck... as it wouldn’t necessarily be what’s wrong.

I think the service center gave you the smallest and the largest things that could potentially be wrong.
A capacitor might be the smallest, least expensive issue; while an entire motherboard would be the largest, most expensive repair.
( the difference between replacing a spark plug versus replacing the engine of your car).

I’m pretty sure they would need to run the diagnostic tests to determine which is exactly the case. Exact error message IS important.

I agree it sounds like a simple problem (a loose or broken connection) - because, you say at some point it does work, normally. If it was the entire motherboard (expensive) the unit would likely never boot up and play AT ALL.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR THIS YOURSELF (capital letters for emphasis!)
Do not let friends (no matter how good they are with a soldering iron) attempt to fix something they are not sure is broken.

Your best bet is to call Yamaha Customer Service.
Talk to a Yamaha technician — and take their recommendation.
They may recommend a local service center, or they may even be able to direct you to some other solution. Certainly worth the call.

Because things maybe different in your part of the world (with the pandemic, et al) but start by getting in touch with your regional Yamaha distributor (listed in the back of your Owner’s Manual). They will be best to direct you under current conditions.

Let us know.

Posted : 21/05/2021 11:38 am
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Based on the error message of another user who may be experiencing the same problem, I would not take any action. I also wouldn't base my selection on a call to a service center like that.

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Posted : 26/04/2024 2:05 am

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