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Yamaha S03 with FC4 on sustain mode

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Hi everyone, I have a yamaha s03 and it's in factory settings. I want to use it with FC4 foot. When connecting FC4 to S03 it does the sustain correctly, But no matter what I do, whether it's putting the foot in or taking it off, it doesn't turn off the sustain, can anyone help me?


Posted : 25/07/2021 10:33 pm
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In order for you to say, “S03 it does the sustain properly” means it works sustain ON when pressed, Sustain OFF when released. That is proper for a Foot Switch set to do Sustain (cc64)
If the sustain does not go OFF when you pick up your foot, then it is not working properly.

Possible causes for it not work properly:
The pedal is not plugged all the way into the dedicated “Foot Switch” jack on the back panel
The Foot Pedal is set not to send FSTxCtlNo = 64 (Foot Switch Transmit Control Change #64)

See page 46 of your Owner’s Manual
An optional Yamaha FC4 or FC5 Foot Switch connected to the rear panel FOOT SWITCH jack (page 10) can be assigned to a range of parameters. This is designed for switch-type (on/off) controls such as incrementing/decrementing Voice or Multi numbers, and cannot be used for continuous control of a parameter. The default factory setting for this is to control sustain (FSTxCtlNo = 64).

Posted : 27/07/2021 10:51 am
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If you are connecting FC4 to S03, the sustain pedal can cause problems. The problem is that there is no switch on the sustain pedal and it needs a special cable to enable it. mapquest directions

You need to connect a cable from the sustain pedal socket on FC4, to the Sustain socket on S03. There is also an optional footswitch available which enables you to turn off the sustain automatically when you take your foot off it.

Posted : 24/06/2022 5:28 am

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