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  1. Jason
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  3. Friday, 18 May 2018
My previous request was to enable my profile to pick "Latest" as the default sort order for all topics. This is because every post I read which has more than a few responses, I use the "Latest" sort order so that the latest post is close to the top. This means I'm using "Latest" very frequently.

Giving up on seeing that happen - I'll switch gears to one of the annoyances of "Latest":

The "Latest" / "Oldest" buttons are located BELOW the original post. So I read the original post and get to the bottom where I hit the "Latest" button. The page refreshes and the top of the screen has the original post (which I've already just read, or previously read from another visit) which forces having to scroll down again to get to the true latest response.

The wish would be that after pressing "Latest" that the latest post is at the top without having to scroll back down to get to it.

It's fine if, for reference, the original post is still at the top -- but I would hope I didn't have to scroll down to the 2nd post twice (seems redundant) in order to read the latest reply.

Another possible way to "fix" this would be to place the "Latest" and "Oldest" buttons above the first post. So I didn't have to scroll down past the 1st post to hit the button. Then I would just scroll down once to skip the original post assuming I've already read it.
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Thank you for your feedback. Your participation in the forum is appreciated.

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