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  1. Jason
  2. Montage
  3. Saturday, 19 May 2018
Can someone use MIDI-OX or similar to capture Montage's response to this:

F0 43 20 7F 1C 02 0E 25 00 F7

It's a dump of Library 14's MIDI Parameters, as far as I can tell. I'm thinking this should not output anything (it isn't here) - so I'm not sure why it's something checked. Just want to be sure this doesn't result in any output for some other random user (using latest firmware).

In MIDI-OX, you can:

1) Setup MONTAGE as the input and output MIDI ports
2) Go to menu "View" -> "Sysex. Then paste the "F0 43 20 7F 1C 02 0E 25 00 F7" (without quotes) in the Command Window (top part of the window that shows up)
3) From the sysex window, pick menu item "Command Window" -> "Send/Receive Sysex"
4) This will send the Sysex command and will start recording the response. After everything settles down (wait 5 seconds after screen stops updating -- may not really do much) - then stop the process by pressing the "[DONE]" button.

If you see "0 bytes received" - then this matches me. If there is some response, it would be nice to save that - zip it up - and attach here.

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Tino Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Done your test with MidiOx.
This message is for requesting a dump of current performance edit buffer (data list 2.00_g0 p190).
So I receive a dump of my edit buffer with 79439 bytes for current performance preset "CFX + FM EP".
What are you searching for?

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  2. Montage
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Jason Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Thanks -- I was just signing in to call off the request. I noticed I was looking at an old data list and that this is the edit buffer. I was looking at the wrong docs before.
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  2. Montage
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