Get to know classically trained, electronically focused, Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Anomalie.

Bro Paul Brown

Don't miss GRAMMY® winning producer, player and Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Bro Paul Brown.

Larry Cox

Multi-talented writer, keyboardist, music director and Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Larry Cox.

Antoinio "Tone" Daniels

Multi-talented songwriter, producer, musical director, arranger and keyboard player - Tone does it all.

Joey Dosik

Singer, songwriter and producer, Joey Dosik does it all - and he's a Yamaha Synthesizer Artist.

Víctor Elías

Outstanding pianist, composer and produce - Víctor Elías does it all with style.


Lauren Strahm is better known as the extraordinary singer, songwriter and artist, Fleurie.

Ricky Gonzalez

Grammy-winner and Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Ricky Gonzalez, moves seamlessly across genres.

Jacques Greene

Jacques Greene is a young house producer from Montreal leading the evolution of the genre.

Jonas Gröning

Jonas Gröning is the go-to keyboardist for many of Sweden's top artists. Learn more about this Yamaha Synthesizer Artist.

Erskine Hawkins III

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Erskine Hawkins. Fabulous musician, music leader and producer you should know.

Scott Healy

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Scott Healy, is currently keyboardist for The Basic Cable Band on "Conan."

Ronnie Huckaby

George Strait's bandleader for over 30 years, Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Ronnie Huckaby is legendary.

Stefan Jernståhl

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Stefan Jernståhl, touches your soul with his expressive playing.

Matt Johnson

Writer, producer and Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Matt Johnson is also keys player in Jamiroquai.
Reggie "RJ" Johnson playing the Motif synthesizer.

Reggie "RJ" Johnson

Reggie "RJ" Johnson is keyboardist for Boyz II Men and his own band, RJ And The Assignment.

Matthew Jordan singing into microphone.

Matthew Jordan

Songwriter/keyboardist, Matthew Jordan works with folks like Sabrina Carpenter and his band Rooney.
Michael Lecoq standing and looking to his right.

Michael Lecoq

An outstanding stylistic crossover pioneer of the French music scene - and Yamaha Synthesizer Artist.
Stan Lewis on a stage looking at camera resting his hands on a Yamaha synthesizer.

Stan Lewis

Stan Lewis contributes his keyboard skills to the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Patti LaBelle.

Salo Loyo

Salo Loyo is a Yamaha Synthesizer Artist who is currently keyboardist for No Pals and Luis Miguel.

Jon McLaughlin

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Jon McLaughlin, is a passionate singer/songwriter.

Maggie Miles

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Maggie Miles is an alternative to hear.

Alfa Mist

Alfa Mist is an artist from East London who describes himself as a producer and composer.

Robi Molina

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Robert "Robi" Molina collaborates with best across globe.

Cassandra O'Neal

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Cassandra O'Neal is a keyboardist, vocalist, composer and producer.

Kevin Randolph

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, producer, arranger, musical director and piano player: Kevin Randolph.

Van Rentz

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Van Rentz is a keyboardist who helps gospel soar and country get down.

Dan Rouse

Keyboardist/composer/music director Dan Rouse works with biggest names in music industry.

Attractive man in dark suit and t-shirt facing the camera.

Alessandro Mynus Scaglione

This artist spans genres and talents as he contributes to the music industry. 

Nicholas Semrad

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Nicholas Semrad, is keyboard player/sound designer based in LA and New York City.

Jens Skwirblies

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Jens Skwirblies, is an extraordinary keyboardist and synth player.

Luke Smith

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Luke Smith is a soulful force to be reckoned with.

Greg Spero

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Greg Spero collaborates with the likes of Halsey and Spirit Fingers.

Kandace Springs

Jazz beats with a heart of soul in Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Kandace Springs.

Charlie Stacey

A star on the ascent, Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Charlie Stacey is someone you should know.


The fabulous Avery*Sunshine is a Yamaha Synthesizer Artist - and a singer, songwriter and keyboardist.

Michael Tan

Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Michael Tan, is a musical director and producer in demand across genres.

Neil Tankersley

Multi-talented keyboardist, singer-songwriter and Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Neil Tankersley.

Will Wells

Producer, engineer and songrwiter - Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Will Wells does it all.

Michael Whalen

Two-time Emmy® award-winning composer and music supervisor, Michael Whalen.

Clifton Williams sitting on a piano bench next to a Yamaha grand piano looking into camera.

Clifton Williams

Songwriter, keyboardist, musical director - the versatily talented Clifton Williams.

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