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Backing Up Performance Sounds

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I am having difficulties backing up performance files on a USB thumb drive and using them on another CP keyboard. I own a CP88 and have made multiple performances. A friend owns a rehearsal studio where he has a CP73 and is OK if I load up my customer performances on that keyboard. Will save me from transporting my keys!!!! I tried to do it this weekend and followed the instructions in the owner's manual but the file did not load up. Is there a link to any videos that you can share on the proper way to back up to USB and load on another CP keyboard? Thank you.

Posted : 09/08/2020 2:48 pm
Bad Mister
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The CP88/CP73 are equipped with error messages that alert the user when something goes wrong. For example, “Unsupported USB Device”, or “Illegal File Name”, etc

Sorry, I don’t know of any specific video on Saving and Loading (most videos concentrate on the performing aspects of the operating system). I continue to check...

Here is a checklist of things to do.
First, make sure you have a compatible USB stick - test it by making a file and restoring it to your instrument. Saving and loading data to and from your USB stick is something you should do often — gain confidence in this operation. There are different a File Types for your convenience. Moving to a different unit — I assume you are making a Backup File...

A Backup File, will have the extension .X9A added to the Name you give it.

When you place the USB stick in the CP73...
Did it ‘see’ the file with your .X9A extension?
If yes, when you attempt to LOAD it, what happens?

Normally, when you ask the instrument to execute something like a File LOAD, it will either execute that command, or find the appropriate Display Message to inform about the issue.

You want to make sure both instruments share the same firmware version.

Let us know.

Posted : 10/08/2020 5:21 am
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Hi, on video i made for moessieurs for OS update, i explain too how format an usb stick, how to save your data on CP before updating and how to reload them after updating OS, video is in French subtitle in English, hope it's help :

Posted : 12/08/2020 6:05 am
Bad Mister
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Thank you, Joel!

Posted : 12/08/2020 8:16 pm

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