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CP88 OS Updates

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I'm a long time Yamaha player and supported. I own a CP88, CP300. and Montage 6. I've owned the CP4 and even an old CSX1 back in the day. I love my CP88 but am very disappointed that you haven't done anything new with it for some time now. You launched the CK series and forgotten about us. You also said that the CP88 was going to have exclusive piano samples that the YC won't have and then you went ahead and updated the YC with some of these. I've been asking for years to add a warm organ sample to the CP88 here, and on idea scale and gotten some traction from others in the forum. Still nothing from Yamaha. What's up? Have you abandoned the CP users?

Posted : 05/06/2023 11:20 am
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I like the build of the CP88 and YC series however if you have the means to add a CK61 to your CP88 as a rompler you might have a great combo there. You can layer 6 voices at once and it has an actual organ section which will beat any added new voices. Trust me that Yamaha adding a few samples to the CP won't make it much more than it is already. However if you have a little more add an Osmose to your CP88. I use my YC73 and Osmose together. You probably can't get your hands on an Osmose for a long while but CK61 you can have today. With a CK61 you will have two sets of keys and the organ section and ease of use on CK is 10 out of 10, you double the voice power using a MIDI cable, for a small gig take the CK anywhere, etc. Find one used or demo for $800 maybe. You'd be set for a long time to come for not much $.

Posted : 06/06/2023 1:55 am

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