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CP88 Warm Organ Performance

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Does anyone have any suggestions for making a warm organ performance on the CP88 that can be layered underneath a piano such as the C7? I've been trying but cannot come up with one. I've checked Sound Mondo with limited success. I know the CP88 is piano centric but hoping there might be a few suggestions to get a more realistic sound out of the keyboard. Appreciate any help. I've also posted this to idea scale and there seems to be consensus for an addition in a future OS update. Thank you.

Posted : 07/03/2022 4:05 pm
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Hi Bob,

I’m one of the folks who endorsed this request. I think a warm organ sound for layers is a very plausible request for a piano centered instrument like the CP series.

I suggested the YC series "fm organ pad" under your request on Idea Scale. Would this also be the kind of sound you are looking for?

I know you are referring to the Jazz Organ from the CP300 (I’m sure it’s the same as in the P250 I used to own). That was an amazing sound indeed!

Unfortunately I wouldn't know how to imitate this sound on the CP and am also open to ideas.

Posted : 07/03/2022 7:30 pm

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