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Next CP 73/88 OS update (September) - a few practical suggestions:

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Hi Yamaha,

For the next CP OS I would like to propose the following suggestions for your consideration:

First suggestion: Allow the user to disable the CP73/88's audio-interface / audio-over-USB

This is specific to ipad users: I am currently using another (4 channel in) USB audio interface to connect my CP73 and other synthesizers (TG77 etc.). This audio-interface is connected to my ipad via USB (and a iphone camera kit with a usb hub) running Cubasis for sequencing, mixing and effects.
The CP73/88 have their own audio interface running over USB, however iOS does not handle multiple audio interfaces well, and you cannot select the audio interface you want to use via iOS itself. The two workarounds for this are not ideal:

The first workaround is to plug-in the audio interface you want to use 'last'. iOS then selects this interface. In practice this means that everytime I turn everything on and run my setup I have to powerdown my audio interface again first and booting it on again. Fortunately I can still use the midi-over USB and the CP's 73/88 two 'midi ports' in iOS.

The second and even less ideal workaround is to use a seperate midi-din to USB adapter and connect the CP73/88 that way to the iPAD (plugging it into the usb-hub connected to the camera kit). This is even less ideal because: more cables, you lose the extra usb port for other devices and smart use in iOS.

So long story short: if possible please allow an option to disable CP73/CP88 USB audio interface from the CP73/CP88's menu.

Second suggestion: add the CP73/CP88's line-in's channels to the CP73/88's audio interface

As per the manual this currently does not work. Now it was probably some market segmentation decision to do this ("the CP73/88 wasnt intended for this", but quite an unfortunate one, actually for stage purposes (!). As per above, I am currently resorting to using a separate audio interface with 4 audio ins.. I rather wouldnt have a need for a separet unit to take with me and use the CP73 for that instead and have less stuff to carry with me! I use my iPad as an effects unit via Cubasis. Let's say I take my CP73 to a stage, and also want to bring a reface DX or Reface YC.
Currently yes, I can connect the reface to the CP73, set the gain, and both the CP73's own sound and the reface's sound will go out from CP73's balanced line outs to the mixer. Fine, that works. But far more control, also for stage purposes, would be possible if you could use the CP73's audio-interface for this to also have the reface audio (and CP audio) go through the ipad, back into the CP and then to the balanced outs. That way you have quick, digital access to the volume and numerous effects via the mixer in cubasis. It's very powerful for stage purposes actually. As mentioned, I an currently resorting to a separate audio interface but this is really a missed point on the CP.

If still possible via firmware, it would be really really appreciated if this could still be enabled in the September update. If not possible via software, I strongly suggest to Yamaha to view this aspect differently for any next hardware iteration / generation of the CP series.

Suggestion 3: With 1.10, I think the CP has plenty of piano's and e-pianos (although please add a sampled version of the SY77's 'traditional EP' patch with all its effects!, probably the best RCM AFM/AWM EP!) . Anyways some more voices in the subsection, in particular add a H-type organ with the 5 'essential' drawbar settings being clearly / labeled as such.
This is a rather practical point. Frankly I havent bought the CP per se for organ use and the CP doesnt have its own drawbars. However this all to a large extent could be remedied via the suggestion above, as I think most players can do fine with the 5 basic / essential drawbar setttings ( ) from one specific type of organ (the H type, you know what I mean). To repeat: practically speaking it would be easiest if they are clearly labled as such. I am aware there are already some 'examples' of this in the CP but as said, they are from different organs and arent all that well labeled / organized so there is room for improvement there.

A few more varied, additional sub-sounds would be nice(although I donts ee a need to overdo it, I don tneed a billion sounds in this thing really) (pro-tip: the TG77/SY77, with its effects applied in the patch, probably has the best '80's jump brass apart from the original device used for that).

Kind regards,


Posted : 28/04/2019 8:56 am
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Nice comments. I would also very much appreciate the possibility of saving global Eq settings with the different live sets. One eg setting is perfect for piano but not for Electric pianos.
I very much agree that we do not need 10 other pianos.
Please optimize a brass Sound and potentiallly the MKS 20 EP 1 or 2. That would help Many gospel players.
The concept is nice. We are looking forward to every new update.
PS. How much memory is In placere for future updates In the cp88/73

Posted : 25/07/2019 8:59 pm
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The rhodes and wurlitzers are already very good and usable (including the update 1.1 soundset). The acoustic pianos are also very good.

My wishlist would be as follows:

- It would be appreciated to have an additional darker sounding/growling overdrive/distortion effect.
- Additional velocity layers (like the Doepfer LMK series) would increase the usability with the piano sounds.
- The organs are not very good and really should be replaced with a set of usable hammond sounds presets (Green Onions, Protocol Harum, Jimmy Smith, Born2Wild, Deep Purple etc).
- More String and Orchestral sounds.
- More synth/pad presets
- A checkbox setting to specifically store EQ with the preset or global vs. a global EQ.

It does not have to become a full synth but a limited set of classic sound presets would really improve the CP as a usable stage piano without the need to bring an additional synth.

Posted : 29/07/2019 6:51 pm
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Solid organs would be good but to be a true competitor to the RD-2000 and others in this price range better "other" sounds would be great ( brass, strings, organ,... in the style of the MODX). The CP 88 hammer action, APs & EPs are stellar and superior to the RD-2000 but the "other" sounds fall flat in comparison. Make this upgrade and Roland, Kurz, Korg and the others will not even come close. I have my wallet ready to purcha$e & ready to trade in my RD-2000... your move Yamaha!! 🙂

Posted : 10/08/2019 7:47 pm
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First of all I want to say like my CP88 a lot, it has a very nice keypad, excellent piano sounds, is compact, and easy to operate using the many dedicated buttons.
I previously owned a Roland RD-300NX, but needed a more convincing grand piano-like dynamic keypad and accurate sounds (more like the Yamaha C7 grand).
Comparing many stage piano's of lots of brands in several shops, I did eventually buy the Yamaha CP88, and it's fantastic to play, also very well suited to perform both modern and classical piano compositions.

For a future software update I might add some suggestions:

Some minor bugs that could be fixed:

- When changing the TIME-value of the Delay effect when playing a sound from the Piano section, some strange high spacy sounds are heard. The Electric Piano and Sub sections do not have this problem.

- When selecting a different Live Set Sound, the status of a pushed Sustain-pedal is not preserved. When you hold down the Sustain-pedal, switch to a different Live Set Sound and play new notes, they are not held. So you have to release and push the Sustain-pedal once again, to continue playing, which interrupts the continuity of your performance. This is also the case for the Soft-pedal.

- When switching on the CP88, the Master Equalizer is always switched off, even when the Master Equalizer was on when the CP88 was switched off. It would be more convenient if the status of the equalizer on/off switch is memorized during power off.

And here some ideas to improve usability:

- When the Sound Transpose (part of a Live Set) is set to a value unequal to zero, it could be very useful when this is indicated on the CP screen, for instance by displaying a

indicator in the display (just like the [ADV] indicator for advanced mode). Especially when playing with other musicians, you want to be aware your instrument is in a transposed state, to prevent unwanted disharmony with the other instruments of your band or ensemble. (On Roland instruments an active transposed state is shown by a LED-indicator for this reason).

- A Detune-setting (with variable values like 1-25% of the frequency) for every section in a Live Set Sound would be great. When stacking sounds a little detuning between the layers can create a nice rich sound.

- Please replace the samples of Pipe Organ 1 and 2 with better versions, or add a simple Flute-sound so we can create our own realistic Pipe Organs, by stacking octaved flute layers.

- When editing a name of a Live Set Sound or a file the button [6] has no function. Could this button be programmed to insert a SPACE-character at the current cursor position, for faster entering of names?

- Currently the Auto Power Off function can only switch the unit off after 30 minutes, that's to soon. Can other selectable values, like 60, 120 or 180 minutes also be added?

- To copy or move a Live Set Page to another page, this can only be done by saving the page as a file to an USB stick, and reload it in another page. Can the copy/move actions of a Live Set Page be added to the Job-section in the Menu? This is useful when you want to move multiple Live Set Sounds at once.

I think it's very nice Yamaha delivers new enhancements in it's regular software updates, I'm very curious what these updates will bring to the CP in september and beyond. 🙂

Posted : 18/08/2019 7:05 pm
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Are the UPDATES available now, please? I purchased my CP73 in June.



Posted : 02/09/2019 1:49 pm
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I have a couple suggestions coming from a Worship music setting. I'm using Ableton (for synths), a CP88 and a Novation LaunchKey.

Would it be possible to set the Touch settings on a per sections basis? I would like to set the Sub section to Fixed and the Piano and E Piano section to Normal. This way I can have a nice synth sound backing the piano that does not jump out a you when you start hammering down on a piano part.

Secondly, it would be cool if there was a LPF for the Sub section. This way I can pull back on the Synth sound without having to adjust the volume.

I think this is becoming a pretty common setup for piano players in a Worship music setting, and would be awesome to have it supported within the instrument. I have my sythns mapped out like this in Ableton, and it would be nice to have the same setup on the CP88, especially for smaller gigs where you're only bringing one keyboard. Anyways, I picked up the keyboard for it's piano sounds, not synth sounds, but this would be a nice addition.

The linked YouTube video at 10:25 is an example of the LPF being used.

Posted : 11/09/2019 1:53 am
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The Update V 1.2 was initially planned for summer 2019. Then delayed to september. Blake A is stating several times In his youtube demos that yamaha will update a couple of times a year. Does anyone know when V 1.2 will be available and how much menory does the CP88 have installed for future updates ?
Looking very much forward to V 1.2

Posted : 15/09/2019 6:00 am
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Or at the very least use the same (dated) sub sounds from the CP4,they were good enough & this is supposed to be the next level so makes sense doesn't it?

Posted : 16/09/2019 5:51 pm

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