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Next OS update to the CP88/73 and MIDI 2.0 functionality

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When the CP 73/88 first came out, Blake Angelos and others said Yamaha would be putting out new updates to the OS every 6 months. One has come out so far, which seemed a bit underwhelming, but it's something and I'm certainly in favor of OS's that can be regularly updated. I'm curious if anyone has heard what might be in the next update, which I hope will be announced or discussed at NAMM in January. Six months from September would have the next update due out in March, and this cycle would theoretically continue?

I'd like to help my son pick up a CP88 for music school, but am also leery of buying anything that isn't capable of being updated to MIDI 2.0. I know Athan Billias of Yamaha has been very visible with the AMEI and MMA, so assume that Yamaha has been making their recent products with MIDI 2.0 in mind?

Posted : 31/12/2019 8:27 pm

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