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I own the CP88 and love the keyboard, except for the organ samples. I've been requesting through forums including Idea Scale that Yamaha add a "warm organ" sample for the CP88. The current organ samples are too bright and not very realistic. I've searched Soundmondo and found a couple performances that are OK but still not that realistic. I've had a fair amount of positive comments on Idea Scale and hope that you will consider this in the next OS update - something that could simply be used as a nice layer underneath one of the core piano sounds.

I have access to a YC88 and wonder if I can transfer any of my custom performances from the CP88 to the YC88. I've built a lot of custom performances on the CP88 that I'd like to use on the YC88 but I'm assuming the OS is different so you can't do this.

PLEASE add a warm organ sample to the CP88 in the future. My suggestion was sampling the "Jazz Organ" from the CP300 , and someone else mentioned sampling the "FM Organ Pad" from the YC88 and adding that to the CP. Any chance of seeing this addition? Thank you.

Posted : 29/09/2022 3:14 pm
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I really suggest your idea, I think the organ sounds are a little harsh. I hope Yamaha will bring a new update as soon as possible.

Posted : 23/01/2023 6:28 pm

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