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Can't seem to render to to audio ?

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Hi, ok, so have set it up so can play and record midi / midi ARPS from MODX to cubase (great). However the render-to-audio function is not working (?). I now try export-audio-mixdown as a workaround and when load the audio file to the project there is no waveform, ie silence. See screengrabs for idea what trying to do. Want to now bounce this file to audio and get on with things. Any idea what's (not) happening? Also attached screen shots of audio connection. does this need to be setup / configured differently to work? pls advise, many thanks

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Posted : 15/02/2021 8:53 pm
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Another question. This project just saved. Went out of the project, flicked thru a different performance, opened the project again in cubase but have lost the performance / PART edits done on the MODX. I understood / understand that once SAVED, a project automatically opens up exactly as was last saved? What do I need to do (exactly, step by step) to have this auto-recall function working? I'm sure I read that once you save a project in cubase it automatically recalls as per last setup on the MODX linked to that project (?). The edits were done on the MODX, so effectively a new performance created (did not save these as a new performance on MODX), that arp was recorded as per the sound edits (done on MODX) on cubase. I SAVED the project with a new name in cubase. Pls advise, thanks

Posted : 15/02/2021 9:34 pm

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