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Intimidated by software DAW?

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I have always used a hardware sequencer.

From the original MOTIF to KRONOS.
The whole software thing was just intimidating.

Seems like workstation keyboards are going the way of the dinosaurs,
so recently I was looking at alot of the best vst instruments and considering a software/DAW setup.
Alot of the vst sounds didnt satisfy like the sounds from YAMAHA MONTAGE or MODX or even MOTIF XF.

Then i thought i would get a MODX bundeled with CUBASE.
I figured the MONTAGE and MODX were the best sounding things I ever heard and i get the DAW too.
Plus the MODX will do most of the heavy lifting so my laptop doesn't get taxed.

Been exploring CUBASE AI and i can see that it crushes hardware sequencers.
There was a lot I was missing out on with hardware sequencers

I am super impressed with this setup.

I think the key to a DAW setup like this is getting the initial setup exactly correct and then it will be much easier to use.
I used to be super intimidated by MIDI but i learned it finally.
Going to do the same with CUBASE.

I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so if i can learn to use a software DAW like CUBASE (and i will) just about anyone can.

Gonna take a few weeks to learn my new MODX, and then combine that with learning CUBASE for a super compact monster music studio.
Of course im sure i will have some learning questions i will ask from this very helpfull forum.

I basically made this post to say to those like me,
dont be put off from using a software DAW.

The power it will give you is worth the learning curve.

Posted : 17/06/2019 6:42 pm

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