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Velocity not consistent on piano patches

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I am finding that my MODX8 is very inconsistent with some notes in a piano patch being louder (velocity) than others. Could this be a mechanical problem with the key contacts or is it in my velocity settings? With a soft velocity setting I don't get the cut through playing live with the band. It only seems to be a problem in piano sounds. I hated to see the transpose button have to have the shift button which requires two hands to activate and should be separated from the octave shift. Maybe a suggestion to Yamaha. It's an incentive to go to a Montage though. Thanks!

Posted : 18/07/2020 3:59 pm
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Unfortunately, you do not specify which in particular Piano Performance, and since the voicing (programming) team has as a ‘prime directive’ concerning something like consistent play volume between Elements, it must be something else.

It is possible on certain programs to unbalance the Element Levels ‘by accident’ - for example, not realizing that the Sliders will be Element/Operator Levels under certain conditions, means it is possible to alter original programming. Oscillator balance is gone over with many a fine tooth comb during the programming process.

It is fascinating to witness, there is an international team of programmers, and every detail is gone over from controller assignments, effects, and something like Element Level and behavior is of prime concern to the voicing team. Those programs that morph (combine) one instrument sound or articulation into another sound or articulation, do so with precise Element Level adjustments via the controllers. It’s one of the most powerful functions of the engine.

The MONTAGE/MODX will alert you when a program has been altered from its stored condition. This way you can know if you have inadvertently changed a setting. On the HOME screen in the lower right corner of the Performance Name box, a blue flag will appear when a Performance has been altered from its original state.

If your question is can the original balance of the Oscillators be changed during play, the answer is, Yes
If you were unaware that you can alter Element balance by interacting with the front panel Knobs and Sliders, then it is a distinct possibility that this is what has happened.

If you care to report a problem with a specific Performance please do. It is unlikely to be a keyboard issue if it only manifests itself on piano sounds. And since some of the Multi Part performances that contain Acoustic Pianos have 18 Elements dedicated to the instrument emulation... changing the relative volumes of these randomly by adjusting the sliders could throw the response of the instrument way off — it could happen if you are thinking that the Sliders were doing something else.

Posted : 18/07/2020 4:48 pm

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