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Where is the "Variation" effect?

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In the MODX plus I see "VarSend" and "VarReturn" but where is this variation effect at?
There are performances that have a delay effect on them but I don't see this delay in the effects section.
But when I remove the "VarSend" and "VarReturn" it removes the delay.

Does anyone know there this is or how to change the delay of it?

Posted : 06/02/2024 3:27 pm
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Found it in the effects after selecting "common" for the parts

Posted : 06/02/2024 8:51 pm
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The easiest way there for me is to start from the [PERFORMANCE] (HOME) screen and then touch the Performance name at the top.  Choose "Edit" from the popup window on the left -- and you're in editing the common area.

Posted : 12/02/2024 8:23 am

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