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A/D Input Volume Changes When Changing Performances

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Is there any way to prevent the A/D input volume changes (sometimes drastically) when selecting new Performances? Not sure if I am missing a setting somewhere...

Posted : 20/08/2016 7:33 pm
Bad Mister
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The good news it's programmable, the bad news is you have to program it. 🙂

The A/D Input is, like the synthesizer Parts, programmable in each Performance. This is far, far more useful as you can setup different setting (effects, routings, volumes, etc) on a per Performance basis. Assign a Vocoder in one Performance, assign a tempo driven clean delay in another.

Even if your settings for the Audio Part remain the same, you may notice a difference in output due to the overall Performance VOLUME setting which affects all Parts together.

In order to not have the A/D Input behave with the other Parts, Yamaha would have to undo this awesome customization ability... Which if you just want one setting throughout for your vocals or other external input, could be easily be accomplished by not routing the microphone/external signal through the Montage, at all. Plug it separately into your sound system.

It is assumed when you plug an A/D input into the Montage, that you actually want to use its dedicated, programmable channel. This Audio In channel has access to two Insert Effects, Sends to both the System Reverb and Variation Effects, and is routed through the Master Effects. Or it can be routed post the Inserts but 'pre' the System/Master to its own discreet assignable output. But all of this programming is on a per Performance basis.

Since the current A/D Inout shares the program with sixteen other Parts (Synth Parts) you can choose to play these sounds with the current A/D settings. If you just want an A/D Input to remain the same throughout your playing on stage opt out on playing it through the Montage. If the volume changes due to the Performance Volume setting is disturbing, you can set an offset volume for your selected Performances in the LIVE SET.

Use the Volume setting in the LIVE SET to balance the Performances you plan on using.

Hope that helps.

Posted : 21/08/2016 12:27 pm
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Totally understood and thank you for the detailed answer. It's easy enough for me to work around - it's only when I am trying out different performances while I have a drum machine running into the Montage - Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Thanks Phil

Posted : 22/08/2016 12:32 am

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