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E.S.P. Moessieurs video: use ESP & a MIDI Keyboard without Montage M

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Hi dear all, my new Expanded Softsynth Plugin video is online now in English with subtitles fully edited, this week i explain to you how to use ESP & a MIDI Keyboard without Montage M
Don't miss the bonus feature on how to have the good control change to manage some Common settings thru your MIDI keyboard and a example using scene memory.

La version Française de cette vidéo est en ligne ici :

#ESP #Yamaha #MIDI


In case you want to watch my Montage M playlist, it's here:

Have a nice evening ♫

Posted : 10/04/2024 3:57 pm
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Thanks, Joel!

I guess it's worth also a reminder to keep up with the "Learn" section of the webpage.  It's being updated even though there aren't always announcements in the forum.  The latest was yesterday's tech talk video on AWM2 (enhanced) in the Montage M.


Posted : 10/04/2024 7:22 pm
Christopher reacted
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Good video, as usual - thanks for putting that together and for posting it.

The ESP doesn't seem to work using Windows 10 and the free Cubase AI version so until I resolve that I have a couple of questions.

1. Does the ESP have a screen that gives you access to more than one extended element at a time? On the actual M the sub display only shows elements 1-8 and on the main display you can only see 1 element at a time.

2. Does the ESP allow you to mute or solo the extended elements? On the M there is no mute or solo functionality so that makes it harder to do testing when you add new elements.

3. Have you done any testing of the ESP for things that sort of require the actual M? For example - Local Control and the part level Internal/External switches?

Posted : 10/04/2024 8:48 pm
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Hi yes thank you Jason for the Learn section Reminder, i have announce our TTL episode on Facebook groups but not here on the forum.

Thank you Andrew for your comment and questions.

ESP work in fine way for me with Windows 10 and Cubase Pro 13 (not AI) on my desktop and my 2 laptops, also in Camelot Pro.

You can try if you want with the Camelot Pro free version if it open or on any other VST host.


About your questions you can scrool on Elements in a good way on ESP, see my join picture, there is no Mute/Solo Element in that first ESP "tiny" version, but you can use Element Switch in "easy" way to activate/unactivate Elements, not so easy than to have a solo but can do the trick.

One other way we discuss and that Hape use is the exchange function on Montage M, use exchange to "send" an element up to 8 on 1 to 8 position to have access to mute / solo, not perfect but it's work 

For your third question, not sure to fully understand for Local control, i do not test Int / Ext switch good idea i will try, ESP does not allow at this step to set a part as EXT.

Hope it's help. 




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Posted : 11/04/2024 5:52 am
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Just a short 10 seconds video to show scrolling through AWM2 ELements on ESP and switching them Off when it's needed:

Posted : 11/04/2024 2:56 pm
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Just a short 10 seconds video to show scrolling through AWM2 ELements on ESP and switching them Off when it's needed

Thanks! You are the first one to show that functionality and it is NOT available on the instrument itself.

IMO the inability to work with, or even see, multiple extended elements is a weak point. You can't solo or mute an extended element or even know which elements are sounding except by being on the edit screen for one element at a time.

Check out the Chordz 2 Chill 2 - it has 67 elements and I sure don't want to have to manually visit each of them to see what they do.

I posted a thread a while back that shows a data dump I did that exports the data for those 67 elements that shows how easy it is to tell what they do if you have the note limit and other data for multiple elements.


Looks like the ESP has some of that info and that will really be useful for examining the presets.


Posted : 11/04/2024 4:25 pm

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