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FC7 can't control Super Knob

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I have an FC7 connected to the foot controller 2 input. I read it should by default control the Super Knob, but it does not. When I press EDIT (on the CFX + FM EP performance for example) and go to CONTROL, CONTROL NUMBER, the Foot Ctrl 2 is set to Super Knob, but the FC7 does nothing. When I change it to 11 (Expression) the FC7 works perfectly.

(Info: in UTILITY, MIDI I/O, the Super Knob CC is set to 95) I have tried other CC numbers as well.

Perhaps I am doing something wrong? Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

Kind regards,


Posted : 06/12/2016 9:33 pm
Bad Mister
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The Control over the Super Knob is a programmable function. FC2 actually defaults to cc004 Foot Control. All of the factory Performance have the Foot Controller 2 set to Super Knob but it is assigned on a per PERFORMANCE basis.

Yamaha made it a convention for the Factory set of PERFORMANCE, but just like previous Yamaha synths FC1 defaults to cc 011 Expression and FC2 defaults to cc004 Foot Control. You program what it does on a per Performance basis

Press [EDIT]
Press [COMMON]
touch "Control" > "Control Number"
This is where you can determine what a Controller does for this particular PERFORMANCE.

As mentioned all of the Factory PERFORMANCE have this programmed to Super Knob, but the default on a new INIT PERFORMANCE is FC2 = Foot Control cc004

If your FC7 is plugged into the Foot Controller 2 jack and it is not controlling the Super Knob there can be several things you are missing:
_ MIDI routing - if you are in a LOCAL OFF condition you must make sure that you are setup with your computer DAW to echo signal back to the Montage properly
_ If you are not connected to an external device and LOCAL is ON, and still you have no movement of the Super Knob via the FC7, remember that you must move the pedal and "hook" the stored value. If the Super Knob is programmed to Unipolarity, it will reset to 0 (7 o'clock position), if it is programmed to Bipolarity it will reset to 64 (12 o'clock position) and you must in either case move to that position to "grab hold" or "hook" the value, then and only then does it become active.

Once the pedal moves through the stored value of the Super Knob, it can there after control its movement.

Posted : 06/12/2016 10:13 pm
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Hey Bad Mister,

Thanks for the quick reply. My Local was turned on but in UTILITY, SETTINGS, ADVANCED, the midi device number was set to OFF. I changed it to ALL (or any midi channel) and now it works. So problem solved! Thanks!
Any idea why the SK won't work when no midi ch is selected, but the expression does work?

Kind regards,


Posted : 06/12/2016 10:30 pm
Bad Mister
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Easy, the Super Knob generates System Exclusive data - the Montage does not address itself with simple cc messages - direct parameter control is system exclusive data. The Super Knob can send cc95 OUT via MIDI but can address the internal Montage parameter directly.

The Device Number is responsible for external communication of System Exclusive messages. There is never a need to change this unless you have multiple Montages and need to distinguish between them - you could set one of the as DEVICE 1 and the second one as DEVICE 2. (Sorry, this means you can only intelligently address 16 Montage's simultaneously).

Posted : 06/12/2016 10:38 pm

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