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FM E.Pianos in the Montage are truly remarkable

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Even after more than a year, every time I come back to the Montage I'm amazed by these new FM E.Pianos sounds! so much variety, truly remarkable. Those don't sound even remotely close to the old DX7 patches (it has the classics though too), they are much more defined. every patch has chorus control and interesting movement via the superknob! ofcourse the Montage has tons of more highly usable sounds but this category is really outstanding! if it will not be included in a few years time in the next synth in line, I'll keep the Montage for ever!

Posted : 24/10/2017 12:44 pm
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I know huh? I find the FM Basses just kicking butt as well, I am starting to learn how the harmonics work, but these guys are true masters. I am trying to backward engineer how they got some these sounding so good.... but like on step 1 of 100. I am looking forward to design new FM sounds that are half as expressive and responsive as the factory patches.... but being able to see and hear how they are configured.... is really how I am learning. I heard that there is a new FM X series for Montage coming that should help me on the journey.

Posted : 24/10/2017 10:55 pm

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