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John Melas Montage and MODX Tools Update 2.2.0

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Just released yesterday, John Melas Software Montage/MODX Tools v2.2.0 update with major workflow enhancements for Control Assignments and FM-X Programming is available online!

★ Bonus: Montage/MODX Sync Plugin is now also available for macOS!

♪ Update is free if you have already buy your license.

Go to John Melas Website for downloading update or if you are not a John Melas Tools user, test free version with limited functionalities to check if it's on your taste/need.

To help you for discovering all this new functions, retrieve John and me today at 19h00 Paris hour on You Tube for a dedicate video in "Premiere" ((less than hour after publishing this post).

You can use chat to discuss or ask your questions to John and me in Live for this video sponsored by John.

This video is in English with subtitles edit to allow a better translation in other languages, activate subtitles if you are not friendly with English.

A dedicate French video version without subtitles will be available in Premiere Live at 20h00 (a little bit more 1h30 hour after publishing this post).

Good evening, see you online if you can suit on Premiere, do not hesitate to comment or ask your question if you watching in replay ♫

John and me we hope you will like this video.

Posted : 25/11/2021 5:26 pm
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Stunning! Awesome.

Hope you see this, have no youtube account to ask questions with:

What's available to help offloading and reloading Pattern Sequences?

This is a pain in the MODX/Montage Connect software.

Posted : 25/11/2021 5:55 pm
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Hi Andrew, thank you.
There is no "offloading and reloading Pattern or Song" function in John Melas Montage /MODX tools or in waveform editor.

Good evening.

Posted : 25/11/2021 10:33 pm

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