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John Melas Montage / MODX tools 2.1.0, Moessieurs video as Premiere Friday May 28

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Hello Montage and MODX friends on Yamaha Synth.

Rendez-vous tomorrow Friday May 28 at 07 PM Paris hour (CET) for discovering the new Moessieurs video "John Melas Montage/MODX Tools 2.1.0: What's new!" as premiere on You Tube.
John Melas sponsor this video and will be on chat to answer you in English, I will answer in French.
Come on chat to comment or ask your questions.

The video is in English, subtitle in French and in English, French version with my voice will be available soon.
Subtitles have been edited to allow an accurate translation in another language than English.

See what's new in version 2.1.0 of John Melas Montage or MODX Tools in this new Moessieurs video sponsored by John Melas with praticable example.

- Performance Editor: supports importing Multi-Part Performances both from files and the Synth!
- Performance Editor: supports opening both Montage and MODX Performance files (*.perf, *.X7B, *.X8B)
- Added Montage/MODX Sync VST3 plugin which associates a Performance file with a DAW project! (Windows only)
- Drum Kit Editor: supports multiple selection of Drum Keys so that parameter changes apply to all selected Drum Keys!
- Live Set Editor: automatically sets Performance Volume when a Performance is assigned to a Slot
- Total Librarian: supports both Montage and MODX Library files (*.allmg, *.plibmg, *.allmodx, *.plibmodx)
- Total Librarian: added 'Send to Live Sets' command which quickly assigns Performances to Live Sets!
- Total Librarian: added a new Performances column to show Smart Morph Images
- Total Librarian: added 'Appearance' settings. You can now select Visual Style and Font for the Application
- All Editors: Added new Visual Style: Rounded Theme.

See you tomorrow,John and me count's on your presence.

This video is not monetized, no publicity, but, Super Chat and Super Stickers are active, if you want to support Moessieurs, you can buy an animated sticker during the Live and use it or put your message top front via the Super Chat, just click on the $ logo at chat bottom area, choose Super Sticker or Super Chat, payment is secured thru You Tube via credit card.

Have a nice evening

#johnmelassoftware #moessieurs #yamaha #montage #modx

Posted : 27/05/2021 5:58 pm
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Hi, thank you for friends who come on premiere to chat with John and me, replay is available now, you can add subtitles in French or English, or translate them in your native language from subtitles we have completely edit.

Posted : 28/05/2021 5:23 pm
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Looks good, thanks, and thanks to John Melas for the new features 🙂

Posted : 29/05/2021 9:01 am
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Thank you John for your kind words 😉

Posted : 30/05/2021 6:16 pm

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