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Magnetic Slate Brands and their Price Range in India

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As a less expensive and more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional blackboards and whiteboards, magnetic slates are gaining popularity in India. They provide an easy-to-use, reusable writing surface that is ideal for both students and professionals. It might be difficult to select the ideal magnetic slate brand that meets your needs and budget when there are so many on the market in India. We'll talk about some of the well-known magnetic slate price in India and their brands in this article.
Classmate: One of India's top stationery businesses, Classmate provides instructors and students with a selection of premium magnetic slates. These magnetic slates are a great alternative for businesses and classrooms because they are strong, portable, and simple to use. Classmate magnetic slates range in price from INR 150 to INR 350 and come in a variety of sizes and patterns.
Children's magnetic slates are available from the well-known educational game and Toy Company Chalk and Chuckles. These magnetic slates include appealing designs and vibrant colours that are intended to encourage children's creativity and learning. The cost of Chalk and Chuckles magnetic slates ranges from 300 to 500 INR.
Adichai: Adichai is a well-known brand of school and office supplies in India that provides a selection of magnetic slates for individuals in both the educational and working fields. These magnetic slates are available in a variety of sizes and hues and are crafted from premium materials. Prices for Adichai magnetic slates range from INR 250 to INR 400.
Goyal's: Goyal's is a well-known stationery product maker in India and provides a selection of magnetic slates for children and teachers. These magnetic slates come in a variety of sizes and styles and are produced from environmentally friendly materials. The cost of Goyal's magnetic slates ranges from 200 to 500 INR.
Before making a purchase, it is advised to check pricing and features as magnetic slate price in Delhi can vary based on the brand and size. Magnetic slates provide a practical and reusable surface for writing and sketching that is inexpensive and environmentally benign. It's important to pick the best magnetic slate brand that suits your needs and budget out of the many that are offered in India. You may choose the best magnetic slate that satisfies your needs by carefully weighing the price range, quality, and features of each manufacturer.

Posted : 08/04/2023 6:37 am

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