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Moessieurs video: using E.S.P. on stage with Camelot Pro, with or without your Montage M

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Hi dear all, my new ESP Moessieursvideo is online now in English with subtitles fully edited, this week I explain how to use E.S.P. on stage or in rehearsal with Camelot Pro and with or without your Montage M.

What you can control, how to edit and save, play a Montage M performance and one of ESP in layer or split.

Don't miss the bonus feature on how to manage ESP and/or Montage scene memory under Camelot Pro scene control, and pedal control from Camelot scene change to ESP & Montage M scene memory.

La version Française de cette vidéo est en ligne ici :

Hope you will like it ♫

Posted : 18/04/2024 5:47 am
Christopher reacted
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From the double post, it looks like you were "bit" by a forum issue I've mentioned before.  When you press "Add Reply" - there's a little spinning circle that says "Working" in the upper right.  Most of the time you'll miss it because your focus is on the "Add Reply" button typically in the far lower right.   And then, as often is the case, the "Working" indication will go away and nothing will happen for a moment.  Maybe even for 10-15 seconds.  You have to wait for as long as takes - sometimes longer than others - for a green box to appear in the upper right which will eventually show your message has been posted.


These days after I submit my reply (or generate a new message) - I just "walk away" and let the system do its thing without trying to hurry the process along.  If you do press the "Add Reply" (or whatever the button says for a new message) a second time then you'll get double posts.


Just imagine right next to the button to submit your message that something pops up and says - "start looking at the upper right and hang tight until you see a green confirmation message.  it may take a while."


Posted : 18/04/2024 5:04 pm
Joel reacted
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Hi Jason, thank you, yes that's the case and when i try to delete the double post, the forum shutdown, and now seems there is no way to delete the double post, hope admin can delete the other post. The Delete function bottom right the post does not appear.


Take care.



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Posted : 24/04/2024 9:13 pm

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