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Montage Connect and Logic X

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I installed all the necessary items to connect Montage to Logic. (Montage firmware 1.20.4, Steinberg USB driver v1.9.10, Montage Connect 1.0.1, Logic 10.2.4) I couldn't get it to work. I loaded Montage Connect into a Logic song, but when I clicked it on, I got the message "Not Ready" in the status box. Also no number appeared in the Firmware Version box and the message "Time out error" was there.

Any suggestions for trouble shooting?

Posted : 31/01/2017 12:14 am
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Montage should have MIDI mode set to USB. Use a USB 2.0 cable connected between computer and Montage "to host" port.

Posted : 31/01/2017 12:21 am
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Thanks Jason...
MIDI mode wasn't set to USB.

Posted : 31/01/2017 6:26 am

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