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Montage M - Old waveforms now appear to have different waveform numbers.

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Researching info to reply to the 'guitar and effects' question in another thread led me to observe that:

1. There are 1300 more waveforms in the M than in the old Montage
2. Waveform numbers appear to have been changed radically even for waveforms that existed in the old Montage
3. There doesn't appear to be anything in the Data List doc that would indicate if a waveform is new to the M, copied exactly
to the M but with a new number, has the same name as before but has been resampled.

Just comparing waveform #1 in each doc will illustrate the issue.

In the M doc the name is 'FX v01 St' and that name doesn't exist in the old Montage doc.

Waveform #1 in the old doc is 'F3 Stretch Sw St' and that is the name of waveform #27 in the new doc.

Doesn't this have implications if load old Montage content direclty?

Does it mean that a converter is needed to load old Montage content?

Does the M automatically convert waveform references appropriately when loading old libraries?

Are there other implications around this?

Posted : 15/10/2023 1:09 am
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Imported content will be translated.

Posted : 15/10/2023 12:21 pm

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