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New feature in Firmware 1.5 1: Backup everything - How?

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As a new user I am very confused as how to use the new feature which allows me to back up everything in the Montage. when I go into the utility menu > contents > content type I see the following selections:
User File
Library File

So I selected backup and it made a backup file .X7A which is about 450 KB in size. I find it hard to believe that that's EVERYTHING. What am I not understanding here?

thanks in advance for all help!


Posted : 12/04/2017 10:10 pm
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Hi Gary,

"Backup" is correct.

The only thing that will considerably increase the size of the backup (x7a) file is any Libraries or Waveforms that you have installed or imported into the Montage.

All of the factory content stays on the Montage, can't be deleted, is on every Montage in the world, and therefore is not included in the Backup file.

Does that help?


Posted : 13/04/2017 4:25 am
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Hi Joe,

thanks for the quick help! So when I select "Backup" it also backs up my setlists, performances and anything else that I created or changed also?

Greetings from cold Germany and happy easter!

Posted : 14/04/2017 3:57 pm
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It backs up everything that's different after (as a thought experiment) pressing initialize all.

After pressing initialize all - the internal presets are not different no matter what you do - so those are never backed up in the all file.

However, performances (user), performances (library), songs, recordings, microtunings, user curves, user LFO patterns, set list, etc ... these are all backed up. Because these would change (if you do change them) after pressing an initialize all.

The point is to make a backup of your keyboard, restore that backup in someone else's keyboard - and you have an identical keyboard with no differences. Even if the key size is different - everything should be identical except for how many keys you can reach with your fingers (more keys now or less keys now).

You don't have to press "initialize all" for any of this to happen - I'm just using it as a point of reference.

And also, if you save a backup file after really pressing "initialize all" - you would essentially get an "empty" backup file. Because the differences from "initialize all" from that case would be zero differences.

Posted : 14/04/2017 11:00 pm

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