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New MacOS Montage Connect

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FYI - the Montage downloads section shows a new version of Montage Connect for MacOS (released 9/1/2022). Here's the notes:

V1.1.0 to V1.2.0
Now supports Cubase 11 series and Cubase 12 series.
Now supports macOS 11 Big Sur and macOS 12 Monterey.
Now supports Ableton Live 11 series.
The following are now non-compliant: Cubase 10 series and Cubase 10.5 series
The following are now non-compliant: macOS 10.12 Sierra and macOS 10.13 High Sierra
The following is now non-compliant: Ableton Live 10 series
Fixed some minor problems.

If you are using Cubase 10 or 10.5, then this would probably not be something you would want to upgrade. Although the release notes now officially show support for Big Sur and Monterey - I found the previous version worked fine for both Big Sur and Monterey. Still, assuming you're using Cubase 11 or newer - then this would be a good upgrade. If using Ableton, note that version 10 isn't supported anymore. Ableton Live is now at version 11 (series).

Posted : 05/09/2022 3:30 am
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I just checked MODX and all the manuals are there. I only spot checked the data list and reference manual by redownloading and both worked OK.

I'm not sure if this happened to you or not, but there's a top-of-page header that says "Downloads" which isn't specifically for the product shown (MODX, or MODX+). It's an entire-site downloads. Then scrolling further down there's a 2nd "menu" that also shows "Downloads" and this one gets you to the viewed product's download page.

Probably not the most friendly website overall - but these quirks are par for the course when it comes to how Yamaha structures things.

... but so you know, the MODX/MODX+ Connect updates were mentioned by someone else in another thread. Searching is more difficult now days so I gave up on trying to find that needle in the haystack. The Mac release of MODX Connect (which is shared by MODX and MODX+) has the same kind of notes as Montage Connect with respect to the DAW versions supported.

Posted : 05/09/2022 4:27 am
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Using bookmarks is going to get you to the wrong place eventually. Yamaha is also constantly changing the file structure of their sites invalidating bookmarks. To get to downloads, at least is still indexed so I go to google and type "MODX Downloads" (for example) and the first link is usually the one I'm after. Or, to continue with the example, searching for " MODX Downloads" will get you there.

I did eventually find the MODX Connect mention by Dragos:

The problem with finding this is that the search engine in this forum is broken when a thread has more than one page of replies. The search result will not the "start=XX" part which is required to get to the right page of responses. Therefore, the search will just go to page 1 and not really jump to the post that matches your search criteria.

Posted : 05/09/2022 4:46 am

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