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now these are some samples

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You Valhalla request was to c, not me.

I don't have an end game, and don't think in that kind of manner. I, too, was having fun, and entering the endeavour with a spirit of adventure, but was (and am) currently pressed for time, and very unsure how someone can't hear how magnificently massive things like professional reverbs are (and this amazingly massive free one that is SuperMassive).

Am very happy someone has began doing what I've long talked about with Jason, stacking reverbs on the MODX/Montage to smear and obscure some of the shortcomings of using them individually, and that you've found the Wave Folder as good as I have.

I want to spend some time with the Distortion effects, as a gut feeling tells me that they'll be even better, especially in conjunction with a polyrhythmically timed chorusing, as they have a much more organic feel than Wave Folder, but I've only ever used the Distortion effects for guitar and violin sounds, not yet for a drone-like saw pad. And haven't had the time to approach that yet... but I think those Distortion effects might be MUCH better for this kind of thing.

Especially with a better "saw" from FM. I think the real trick to great drone/Boards of Canada type sounds from Montage/MODX will be truly milking FM such that it's somewhat screeching before any distortion is added, so that there's much more for the crap onboard reverbs to grab a hold of, that's already somewhat smeary rather than especially distinct, so that some of the magic that's done by the great external reverbs is already done/gifted to the onboard effects.

I think we've only just begun. That with a little judicious priming of the FM sounds, we're going to be able to get some extreme and fun results, and possibly even permit/buildin some dynamics easily controllable by mod wheel, aftertouch, ribbon and velocity...

Posted : 31/10/2022 11:43 pm
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whatever you do dont put the wavefolder onto an analog synth or you will have to look around the house for your eardrum.

Posted : 01/11/2022 1:42 am
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HI I found some good reverb settings for ambient. on the common fx. place a reverse reverb on the variation and place a rev x hall reverb on the reverb. play with the settings. but once the reverse reverb gets a liveness of 10 and some feedback you start to hear it.

Posted : 16/11/2022 10:58 pm
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