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Refining Sound! Excellent Book!

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Michael Trigoboff
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I'm currently working my way through Refining Sound: A Practical Guide to Synthesis and Synthesizers by Brian K. Shepard. I wish I had run into this book years ago. It's making a lot of things about how the Montage works clear to me. Things that I had only dimly understood are now making total sense.

The book is meant to be a textbook for a course on sound synthesis. It's a great review of the history of synthesizers, which is really helpful in understanding where some of the concepts embodied in the Montage came from, and why they're implemented the way they are.

As a result of reading it so far, I have a much better intuitive understanding of things like decibels, faders (I now know why they're called "faders"), filters, and a number of other things. And I'm only partway through the book.

The Kindle Edition costs $14.57. It's incredibly well worth it.

As I go through the book, I'm also working with John Melas' excellent Performance Editor. The combination of the book and the editor make a great learning environment.

Posted : 15/01/2018 4:12 am

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