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Resource: List of Montage Sound Libraries (Including XF/XS)

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Jason wrote:

DCP Orchestral Strings:
DCP Complete Orchestra:
Symphonic Suite (XS):
XS Performance (XS) - Mentions orchestra / symphonic strings:

Note Motifator has an "orchestral" category:

Digital Sound Factory has "Symphonic Strings":

Awesome, Jason! Thanks again for compiling this list—very helpful! I keep forgetting to contact DCP to ask if their Complete Orchestra library is a super-set of Orchestral Strings, and if there is any overlap. Notably, Complete Orchestra has quite a nice set of bell-instruments. If not, I would like to get both (if anyone has these, please chime in!). I listened to their demos, and these libraries sound quite good. I'll probably also get the brass library as well since these libraries are priced so affordably.

I also auditioned EasySounds' Montage Nature Of Chill and Montage Chill Xperience and really liked them. Again, I'm much more of a "preset" kind of guy and would rather use others' expertly designed libraries rather than try to create my own.

I read somewhere here where Bad Mister mentioned that the Montage's 1.75GB user-memory can hold about 12 third-party libraries. Though library-size varies by title, I'm guessing on average this is about right? If so, I've already started my shopping list for all the libraries that I plan to load up into my Montage:

• DCP Complete Orchestra XF library.
• DCP Orchestral Strings XF library.
• DCP Brass XF library.
• EasySounds Montage Nature of Chill.
• EasySounds Montage Chill Experience.
• KApro 002 VP1 Amazing Metal Hits 1 for Montage.
• KApro 003 VP1 Amazing Metal Hits 2 for Montage.
• KApro 001 VP1 Special Effects for Montage.

Plus, there's so many "space-ey" libraries, I'll need some time to pick and choose.

Posted : 04/04/2018 5:20 am
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• DCP Complete Orchestra XF library. "Almost 221MB" 256 voices 128 performances
• DCP Orchestral Strings XF library. "Over 60MB" 80 string voices 16 unique voices (not found in any other set)
• DCP Brass XF library. "Approx 111MB" 80 brass voices
• EasySounds Montage Nature of Chill. 0MB (Uses internal waveforms only) 128 single part performances 32 multi part performances 4 drum kits
• EasySounds Montage Chill Experience. 158MB 128 single part performances 24 multi part performances 92 drum loops 5 loopkits 92 Arpeggios
• KApro 002 VP1 Amazing Metal Hits 1 for Montage. "uncompressed 620MB" 128 performances
• KApro 003 VP1 Amazing Metal Hits 2 for Montage. "uncompressed 479MB" 144 performances

I'm not sure if "uncompressed" is implying that these samples use compression or not. Assuming these are not compressed:

221+60+111+0+158+620+479 (MB) = 1649MB rounding up for those that say "over" or "approx": 1655MB

Seems like this collection on sample size would be fine within the 1780MB. If "uncompressed" for the KApro means these are compressed and decompression happens "on the fly" (in ram) - then maybe the total memory utilization is less. I'm assuming these are delivered as uncompressed so the "uncompressed" value is the "real" value.

Given this set - the average space used is 236.4MB - which is about 7.5 libraries that fit in the Montage using these 7 libraries as a guide. If you ignore KApro - then you get closer to the 12 library average (110MB average for 5 libraries) - so about 16 of these would fit in Montage.

Posted : 04/04/2018 6:40 am
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Thanks for doing all that math, Jason! Very helpful post. I'll have to pick and choose carefully since I was planning on getting a few EDM libraries as well, and definitely more "space-ey" libraries. Yes, I'll probably lighten up on the KApro libraries (and load up on a few more which use only resident sounds).

Posted : 06/04/2018 8:33 am
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Warning to anybody who wants to buy some Motif libraries from YamahaMusicSoft. I bought some recently using New Year discount, but to my surprise they don't work properly in Montage. Many samples are out of tune or similar.

I have purchased MOXF versions (format X6_) because I supposed higher number in extension means newer and somehow better instrument, and by number it is the latest format before Montage (X7U or X7L) so I have expected even better compatibility than X3_ format. All available documents assured me that there’s a compatibility and Montage will read older formats. Which in fact is true - many packs I have bought (or those offered gratis) work with small or no problems.

To be more concrete - I have purchased these packs:

DCP Complete Orchestra (from 256 sounds 75 have problem)
DCP Orchestral Strings (banks A to D are the same as previous pack, from 64 sounds 41 have problem, from 16 sounds in bank E 8 have problem)
DCP Brass (banks A to D are the same like E to H in Complete Orchestra, from 128 sounds 50 have problem, bank E is the same like bank E in Complete Orchestra USER4, all 16 sounds are OK)
DCP Majestic Pipes (2 sounds from 64 have small problem)
DCP Renaissance/Folk Instruments (12 sounds from 64 have problem)
Bolder Sounds Crystal Voices (22 sounds from 64 have problem)
DSF Symphonic Strings (no sounds at all, only names are to see after loading)
DSF World Xpedition (no sounds at all, only names are to see after loading)

So there’s a lot of problems, and both DSF packs even don’t work at all. I have the last version of OS, and I’m not aware of any mistake in Montage setting I could do. Only one pack from nine for Motif I have purchased is without problems - Bolder Sounds Celtic Pipes.

I have bought all this in good trust that it will work in Montage, and this trust was based on the information about the compatibility available from Yamaha. But unfortunately they are not compatible. This fact was not written in detailed info about sound packs - just few days ago YamahaMusicSoft published warning about compatibility with Montage, at least in some of them. I suppose you have added this warning just after I have reported problems recently.
They should add this warning to other packs as well - and maybe to much more packs than these above. I wonder why they didn’t check compatibility before selling these packs… Yamaha announces full Montage compatibility with older formats, which is not true.

Another problem I see now after checking all packs and their contents - DCP Orchestral Strings and DCP Brass packs contain the same sounds included in DCP Complete Orchestra pack. Because the lists of contents are missing in detailed info about packs, there’s no chance to compare what’s inside and decide properly what to buy. Manuals are the part of download after purchasing, that’s bad - customers have no chance to check detailed contents.
In the hope there’s something more I bought all three libraries, which was quite disappointing - now I have doubled sound sets, and what more - almost unusable because these focused packs have the same problems as Complete Orchestra pack.

I have contacted Mr. Polich from DCP, he refused any help, saying that he is aware of all mistakes, and will work on Montage version, but it will take few months. He refused to send me repaired packs, but at least he forwarded my mail to YamahaMusic Soft. They added warning to their info about these sound packs, and offered me X3? versions. Unfortunately the result was the same - it doesn't work in Montage. Now I'm waiting answer from YamahaMusicSoft how to solve this problem. For me it's a big loss, not only financial but also professional - I bought these sound packs for my studio recordings, now I can't use it fully.

Concerning two sets from DSF which doesn't sound at all, only show names of Performances, I contacted DSF, they answered with some obvious tips, nothing concrete which would make the set sound.

I just want to warn other potential buyers. If somebody is interested, I have a detailed list of all problems. Mr. Polich refused my offer to send it to him with the remark that he knows what's wrong. I wonder why he didn't stop selling his products when he is aware about problem. Not nice. I have full right to think that I was tricked.

Let's see what will happen.

Daniel Forro

Posted : 15/01/2019 4:24 pm
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Wow, impressive list. I have bookmarked this one!

I was just discussing piano libraries available for the Montage vs the Kronos on another forum, and someone mentioned how the Montage is limited in libraries of European pianos, which is true. My thought is that K-Sounds and other virtual piano library sellers will hopefully have great incentive to release & sell great quality and variety of European piano libraries in the future, seeing that there is money to be made, considering that the MODX is the hottest selling Synth on the planet... Anyone have any thoughts or insight on new upcoming piano libraries, especially European ones?

My second thought was regarding the K-Sounds Organimation library. How does that compare to the best organ performances that already come with the Montage/MODX, especially ones that have distortion added as well? Is Organimation better, worse, different? And how does it compare to the Nord Stage 3's or Kronos' best organs, especially rock organs with distortion?

Posted : 16/01/2019 5:47 pm
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European covers lots of ground. Do you have a list of pianos you'd prefer someone to sample?

I guess in broad strokes - not talking about add-on content (the internal stuff) - Casio has Bechstein, Nord has Fazoli, Yamaha has Bosendorfer, Most all have some form of Steinway available as an add-on or built-in. I do not know if you consider Steinway European or not (German/US). Kronos's European mix built-in is a Steinway D (German Grand) or the Bosendorfer (Austrian Grand - actually think this is a paid add-on).

I'm not all that aware of what's available for other keyboards to have any idea how Montage falls (parity, short, or ahead) vs. others with respect to European piano options. It'd help to see some list of what would be the "full bag" of the "must have" wish list. That'd at least have some tangible metric to use for comparison.

Posted : 16/01/2019 8:27 pm
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It was someone else in the other forum that was more interested in seeing more European pianos as options for the Yamaha Synths; however I do love the Bechstein Grand! It's my second favorite piano just behind the Yamaha C7 Grand from Synthogy Ivory (this is actually THE piano that I would love to see available on a Montage!)...

Posted : 17/01/2019 4:37 pm
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Note regarding this one that you listed -
: Ujiie Special Voices

The Sample Library link below for the MOXF by Mr. Katsu Ujiie (2 Voices & 2 Performances), doesn't seem to work and just gives the following error:

"Page not found
Some problem occurred: Either some unexpected information has been sent or system failure occurred. Please go back to the previous page to perform necessary operation, or please wait for a while and try it again."

If someone has a newer/working link, please post...

Posted : 17/01/2019 4:39 pm
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I believe the Ujiie voices are also part of the MOXF PCP

If the link doesn't work, search for MOXF PCP on yamahamusicsoft. It's free.

Posted : 17/01/2019 6:37 pm
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Also here are the libraries for Montage/Modx:

Posted : 16/02/2019 6:20 pm
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Just wondering if anyone has purchased the 3 current sound libraries that are available for both Montage and MODX from
Am not endorsing their product, however support for a fellow Aussie 😀 AU$88 for the three or available separately.
They seem a lot like the old XF 80's Pop/Rocks Vol I and II from Playkeyz - great if you're in a covers band.

Posted : 20/02/2019 9:44 am
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Mellotrons here

Posted : 29/06/2019 8:31 pm
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Thanks Jason - very impressive research and organisation! I have a very few of those listed, and would endorse Mitchell's comments on Item 52, the Perskovgaard collection of 3 x 384 Pf Libraries (PSC 1, 2, and 3.). I believe these are derived from the Montage on-board 'Elements' library - saving an enormous amount of time - which I am trawling through in batches. All are presented as Single Part, which makes Life even easier. and so far all are compatible with one another. I strip out unwanted effects (for my purposes) and then layer (currently 4 Parts) with or without other effects. A sort of short-cut to what could have taken me years to get to on my own! And hugely educational for those untrained in waveforms (I'm probably unique in that regard!). Thank you Perskovgaard ...

Posted : 30/06/2019 8:56 am
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Posted : 11/11/2019 8:54 am
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Posted : 11/11/2019 9:35 am
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