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Sampling instruments from another keyboard with Samplerobot and use them in the Yamaha - Montage

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Hello Dear musicians,

I want to buy a Yamaha Montage 6. Like most musicians, I have a couple instruments from other (non Yamaha to be honest) keyboards that I really love to play with, for example a musette accordeon from the old Solton MS5. What I want to do is to sample every note from this instrument six times (to have 6 different velocities/dynamics). I do this with the software Samplerobot. Samplerobot kan export these files as .wav or .aiff. If needed I can re-render these files to any other container with Adobe Media Encoder, that’s not a problem at all, but my questions are:

1. Is it possible to import these samples in the Montage?
2. Is it possible to trigger another sample when I play with a hard touch in opposite to when I play with a soft touch on the same note?
3. Is it possible to adjust the Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release & Loop/hold envelope’s for each sample?
4. When all this work is done, off course I want to save it as an instrument for instant recall when I need it. I suppose that this is no problem? πŸ™‚

Thank you for your help.

Van Hout Jean

Posted : 06/02/2017 12:59 pm
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The Montage can import Motif XF format Waveforms.

You will need to create data that is in a Yamaha Motif XF Waveform format. Once your data is in that format you can simply import it as a NEW WAVEFORM and do all the things you would expect.

You may wish to contact John Melas ( He is a third party programmer) who I understand is working on a Montage version of his Waveform Editor that will allow you to convert your data to a format that can be loaded to the Montage. That said, if you already own his Motif Waveform Editor, you have the ability to create data in a format that Montage can read. The Motif Waveform Editor is capable of making Motif XF compatible data which can be read by Montage. I understand that he maybe working such a tool specifically for Montage.

While loading .wav to the Montage is possible, what you will not be able to do is properly map the data across the keys (the Montage does not have a sampler with the ability to build complete Waveforms on-board at this time).

Posted : 06/02/2017 3:29 pm
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Thank you sir for your reaction. The downloadable tools at are exactly what I need. The only question what comes up now is hard disk space. I don't know how much space is available in the montage but I'm sure that I can find it in the manual.

Thank you once again!


Posted : 07/02/2017 8:07 am
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Jean wrote:

Thank you sir for your reaction. The downloadable tools at are exactly what I need. The only question what comes up now is hard disk space. I don't know how much space is available in the montage but I'm sure that I can find it in the manual.

Hard disk space? The JM tools install on your computer, not Montage. Montage's space is for storing your user performances, libraries (user performances "promoted" to a library, or purchased soundsets from Yamaha/EasySounds/etc including compatible sets from other Yamaha products = Motif XF, XS, ES, MOXF, etc - see compatibility list), arpeggios, songs and MIDI files, etc.

All programs go on your computer and no programs land on Montage.

Free space in terms of sample memory or sample count:

You can have 1.75GB of data in the storage area.
That can be a maximum of 2,048 Waveforms.
A Waveform can have at maximum 256 Keybanks
A maximum of two samples per KEYBANK to accommodate stereo.

Note: I know you do not have a Montage yet - so I'll give the instructions to repeat once you do have one and also the results so you have a summary of resources.

If you go to touchscreen menu "Contents" -> "Data Utility" from pressing the [UTILITY] button, then touch "Performance" You will see along the top, next to "Performance" a box "User Perform" then next line XX/640. This shows how many (XX) out of 640 user performances you have used.

Screenshots and article here:

You get another 8 sets of performances (8x640) stored as library 1-8. This is read-only memory which you "install" X7L files to a library location.

Sticking with the [UTILITY] "Contents" -> "Data Utility" menu, if you touch the "> Montage" square (grey box) on the touchscreen, you can select a different area. Press "Library" and you will see the library utilization (X/8) where X=number of libraries installed out of max 8.

... press "Song" and you see you get 64 maximum of these (which can be recorded using the recorder).

... press "Waveform" and you see the amount of memory used (xxMB or GB/1.8GB)

... press "Motion Seq", then "User" and you can see you get to save up to 256 user motion sequences - (XX/256 shown where XX=number of slots used)

... press "Arp" and you can see your user arp utilization (XX/256 where XX is number of slots used out of max 256).

Posted : 07/02/2017 8:57 am

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