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Soundmondo not connecting to Montage via Chrome on Windows 10

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Soundmondo doesn't seem to work with Chrome on Windows 10 for the Yamaha Montage. I've tried two different Windows 10 computers and neither ever connects when the Montage is connected via USB. One of them was a laptop where the only USB device connected was my Montage. Is Soundmondo compatible with Chrome on Windows 10?

Posted : 23/09/2018 10:24 pm
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Last I checked it worked. They are often updating the code - so past success does not necessarily mean all is well.

That said, there are things that can trip up any version of Soundmondo on the PC platform.

To check this, can you read me off the name of your MONTAGE driver?

I have seen that when there is a number before the name "2 MONTAGE-1", Soundmondo has issues. In order to restore function what you need to do is fully uninstall the Yamaha Steinberg USB drivers and re-install the latest drivers. This should restore the driver name back to "MONTAGE-1" without the prefix number.

The other thing to mention is that the Yamaha Steinberg USB drivers are required for Soundmondo to work. Even though you can operate much of the synth in Windows without the drivers (using default drivers) -- this does not work for Soundmondo.

Posted : 23/09/2018 10:48 pm
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Thanks for that information. It turns out that the driver on my workstation did have a "2" in front of it as you suggested. So, I uninstalled and then reinstalled the Yamaha USB driver. After this the "2" in front of the driver name was gone and now the Soundmodo site connects. Thanks for your help.

Posted : 25/09/2018 10:25 pm
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I had problems with the Chrome Extension Adblock Plus: I had to deactivate it on the Soundmondo webpage in order to transfer sounds on my Montage.

Posted : 29/09/2018 4:52 pm

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