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Splits saved in scenes? (Montage M)

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I wonder , if Yamaha made the possibility to save splits now into a scene. So you can dynamically play a sound along the entire keyboard and with a push of a scene button the split allocation takes action and sounds are splitted across the keyboard.

On the classic Montage this isn't possible.
And I can't find any information about this in the Montage M.

Thanks for your time:)

Posted : 11/10/2023 4:19 am
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Still not possible.? I’m really wondering why such low-hanging fruits that would greatly enhance the flexibility of performing not even seemed to be considered. Same with other extensions for Scene saving. Could also be easily made available for the classic Montage/MODX, but … no.

But 128 elements per part …?

Posted : 11/10/2023 5:14 am
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The scene parameters have remained unchanged according to presentations.

I'm with you - I utilized scenes for everything and so saw them as a great live tool and was hoping more options could make their way into scenes. Note ranges and note shift so I could "move" a split around depending. Maybe the ability to set/unset A.SW1 and A.SW2 so scenes could make use of all of those new elements per Part. Common assignable knob positions. I think now there's a different calculation since we can have so many elements per Part. One could use A.SW1/2 to move around a split because ON could be high split (and the elements assigned here would already be placed in the correct octave) and OFF could be to move this split to a lower position. I do this sort of thing all the time but use whole Parts today. A single Part could handle this kind of thing and doesn't cost anything except setup time.

I don't like using A.SW as a gesture for this but it's doable. That I'm aware, there's no other way to invoke the element on/off using XA control other than A.SW1/2. It'd be nice to have other ways that also tie to scenes and/or motion control.

Posted : 11/10/2023 6:48 am

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