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What was the Montage shortcut to make a screenshot?

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Trying to see if the Montage M can take screenshots but don't know what the shortcut was on the old Montage.

The only thing I found on a search is

On the Montage 6/7/8, hold A/D Input On/Off and tap Element/Operator Solo to take a screenshot.

In the doc image I don't see any single button that has 'Element/Operator Solo' on it.

And there isn't any like 'Element/Operator' on the panel on the Montage M any way.

If anyone discovers the shortcut for creating screenshots on the Montage M please create a thread and post it.

Posted : 13/10/2023 11:14 pm
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Maybe try the MODX screenshot combo of [A/D INPUT] plus [AUDITION].

Requires a USB stick in the TO DEVICE port (one of them).

Posted : 14/10/2023 3:28 am
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Maybe try the MODX screenshot combo of [A/D INPUT] plus [AUDITION].

That was the first thing I tried.

Then I tried holding the A/D INPUT down and tried pressing every button I could find one after the other. Figured if it actually created a file then I'd spend time to figure out which button had done the job.

No success. I send a support query to see if they will tell me if it is supported and will post if they do.
Of course, the wrinkly is that now there are two screens.

Posted : 14/10/2023 4:11 am

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