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Importing a MOTIF XS Song into Cubase 13 Pro

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Hello - I have a song demo that I recorded about 12 years ago on my MOTIF XS, utilizing the internal sequencer. The song contained both Midi and audio components. I no longer have the MOTIF XS (have upgraded to a MONTAGE many years ago) but I do have my .X0A backup files which contain the song. Recently I've thought of finishing the song and for that, I would like to import the song into my current version of Cubase 13 Pro.  It seems to me that Cubase no longer has an extension that would enable it to open .XOA files and wondered if anyone has an idea on how to get an old MOTIF XS song file into contemporary Cubase.

For what it's worth, I've also tried to see if I can move the song (or at least the midi information from it) into the MONTAGE and from there to Cubase. I've tried loading the .X0A file into MONTAGE and it looked like it loaded something in for 20+ mins, but can't find any of the content that got loaded in so I am not sure if going down this route works.  Even though I do have MONTAGE updated to v3.5, I believe that it's internal sequencer still can't play back complete MOTIF XS songs.


Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!


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Posted : 18/05/2024 10:50 pm
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The docs tell you to import the XOA into an (old) editor, save an X3E file then import the X3E file.   I doubt songs are transferred since the docs seem to imply only voices, waveforms, and arpeggios are imported.


The MotifXF editor doesn't let you export songs.  

Posted : 21/05/2024 2:53 am

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