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Setting up zones in Motif Rack ??

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So, just to clarify.....there is no way to program what would be considered a "performance" on the Motif Rack? No ability to program splits and layers? Is this correct?

Posted : 03/01/2017 5:00 pm
Bad Mister
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No, that is incorrect. You've posted in the Motif-Rack XS forum, is that the product you are referring to?
Any Performance that could be played in the Keyboard Motif XS can be loaded to the !otif-Rack XS.

In your Manual you want to find the portion "Layer 1-4 Part".

"Determines whether or not the Part 1 – 4 voices of the selected Multi are sounded simultaneously as a single Part. If this parameter is set to “on,” the receive channels of the Parts 1 – 4 will automatically be set to the same value as the Receive Ch (Basic Receive Channel) parameter in the Utility Voice MIDI display of the Voice Mode. For details on the procedure, refer to the Quick Guide on page 40.
Settings: off, on
note: If this parameter is set to “on,” the actual “Receive Ch” settings of the Part 1 – 4 will not be updated from the last settings."

In fact, the Motif XS Performances are provided to Motif-Rack XS Owners, in the "Yamaha Motif-Rack XS Editor Standalone/VST", you can find them in the Editor's MULTI LIBRARY.

Posted : 03/01/2017 5:37 pm
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Okay, I have changed the "Layer 1-4 Parts' to "ON". Yes, now I am able to play multi's as a performance. Thank you for that tip. 🙂

Though now, the Motfi is not changing Multi performances via midi patch change. Using my KX-88 to send program change to the Motif Rack XS, only the 'Parts' within the MULTI are changing, but the Multi performance itself is not.... e.g. changing from #1 "Chilltronia" to say #6 "Urban Shuffle".

Thanks again for your support.

Posted : 03/01/2017 10:51 pm
Bad Mister
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You'll need to send Bank Select and Program Change.

MSB/LSB 63/68
PC 0-127

Posted : 03/01/2017 11:13 pm

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