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Creating MOXF User Arpeggio

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I am using MOXF8. I was trying to create an arpeggio. I get positive results from making single-note or triad chord arpeggios. But, I can't create an arpeggio with the combination of both triads and seventh chord. Please help me to solve this issue. Thanks!

Posted : 05/04/2024 7:49 am
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It's not abundantly clear, but I think what you're saying is you can create single note arpeggios or you can create chord arpeggios but you cannot create arpeggios with single notes and chords.   


If that assumption is correct, I'm not sure if you mean at some time chords and some time single notes or a chord behind a single-note line.  


And generically I can say that all of the features an arpeggio could do (as demonstrated by factory arpeggios) the user doesn't have access to the tools to create all arpeggio types.   That's not to say what you're trying to do cannot be done as a user arpeggio - just that there is a limit as to what you can do and some things cannot be done.

Posted : 05/04/2024 5:07 pm
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Thanks for your reply, Mr. Jason!

See, I created a user arpeggio by recording a triad chord pattern. When I play any triad chord, it works. But if I play C7 (C E G Bb) it makes C Major arpeggio only. It doesn't make C7 arpeggio. And the main thing is, it recognizes only major and minor chords. (For example, it will make C major sound even if we play C E Bb) .

So I created another user arpeggio by recording a tetrad chord pattern (chord with 4 notes). When I play any tetrad chord, it works. For example, We can play C E G C or C E G Bb or Any inversions using 4 four notes. But if I play any triad chord, it makes a seventh chord arpeggio sound. It doesn't make triad chord sound.

I want to use both the triad chord and the tetrad chord in a single-user arpeggio.

So, what I had tried was to create a user arpeggio with two tracks: one is recorded using a single note pattern, and the other is recorded using a triad chord pattern.

But It's also makes only 4 four notes arpeggio not triads.

We can't use only triad chords in a song right?

I would like to create an. arpeggio which makes triad pattern when we trigger triad chord and tetrad pattern when we trigger seventh chord.

Hope you can understand!


We are also looking forward to getting a reply from Bad Mister.

Posted : 06/04/2024 5:19 am
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I hope to see more great posts from you io games

Posted : 09/04/2024 4:31 am

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