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Factory Performance Settings

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I'm trying to re-load the Big Watches performance that was part of the initial factory settings. I downloaded and installed Organimation, which wrote over half of USER1 PERFORMANCE slots. Does anybody know where these initial factory settings might live, so that I can reload them?

Posted : 31/03/2016 11:25 pm
Bad Mister
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There are a couple of ways you restore the "Big Watches" Performance.

If you have an ALL data file that you've made.. Perhaps you've backed up a Song or Pattern in an ALL data file. This saves, literally all the User settings, and since all Performances are in User memory, it is backed up in that file.

To load a single Performance from an ALL data file (.X6A)
Press [FILE]
Press [F3] LOAD
Set the TYPE = Performance
Move the cursor to the right side, use the Data Dial to highlight the file name
Press [ENTER] to "open" the file and view the contents
Highlight USER 1 (this is where the backup data for the Performance is saved)
Press [ENTER]
Scroll down to 027 Big Watches

Move the cursor to the Left side and select a target in your internal MOXF
Press [SF1] EXEC to load the Performance.

If you do not have any ALL data files, you can simply do a "Factory Set" - which will restore the factory set to its original programs
Then you should Mack a backup ALL data file
Name it "FactorySet.X6A" so that you can restore any of the individual factory Performances when ever you wish.

Then you can reload, Organimation -knowing you load a single Performance from the FactorySet file

Factory set:
Press [JOB]
Press [ENTER]

Posted : 01/04/2016 3:09 am
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Another option is to use John Melas Total Librarian. It has an option that it recalls all factory voices and performances in a library file. Then you can transmit to the MOXF whichever voice/performance you want to retrieve. I think this option is available even to the demo version.

Posted : 01/04/2016 9:50 am

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