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Help to connect MIDI controller to MK49

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Hello, I recently purchased a used Yamaha MX49. I want to be able to control it from a Roland PK-5 MIDI foot pedals. I have 3 other keyboards all connected to it no problem. But so far I am having trouble getting it to control the Yamaha.

On the MX49, I went to Utilites and set MIDI type to MIDI vs USB. I went to the remote channel and set it to 10 (the output channel from the Roland). I have the Roland MIDI OUT going to the MIDI IN on the Yamaha.

The Roland is 'controlling' it as when I hit pedals it plays. But not the patch shown on the main keyboard. Sounds like a cello patch at a super low volume. I must have some settings incorrect but not sure which one. I have tried changing on/off some of the settings but no impact.

Any help to resolve the issue would be appreciated.

Posted : 05/05/2023 3:07 pm
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Under the MX's Performance Edit, Receive Switch - try turning OFF Bank and Program Change.

I'm guessing the pedal is sending a PC that's causing the sound to change.

Posted : 05/05/2023 11:30 pm

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