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The drums have been worked enough (and resampled from new studio sources) to earn a new name. There's ambience control which determines the mix of close and far mic'd.

There's a dynamic control which seems borrowed from a competitor -- but nonetheless a useful realtime control to soften playback by adjusting velocity (instead of volume).

There are new various instruments I believe which are different from Montage M and certainly in the articulation department (taking advantage of super articulation). Not sure if the new Sofia Bulgaria strings are in the new Montage or not. There are lots of new samples across different categories.

There's a new reverb borrowed from Steinberg that is said to be good.

HDMI output.

Integrated bluetooth.

Screen brightness control. Sub screen inversion option (black on white background vs. white on black background).

Some presets are true FM now which wasn't in the previous generations.

Faders have LEDs now and can be reversed for things like drawbars. Apparently before Genos faders didn't "catch" so they would jump if you moved them and the current level was far away from the physical slider position. Now they catch so overall work more like Montage. Rotary encoders have LEDs now and are endless.

200+ more styles. Slight bump in expansion memory.

"And more"

Some things look interesting if they could magically be transplanted to Montage. Don't expect this, though.

A design video is supposed to be released later. I always like seeing the design team describe where they were coming from. Looking forward to that.

Posted : 16/11/2023 7:18 am
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Not sure if the new Sofia Bulgaria strings are in the new Montage or not.

There's nothing with any name similar to that or obvious syllables that I can find.

Posted : 16/11/2023 4:38 pm
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Hi --

I'm still studying the Genos2 creature:

The dynamic style control builds on the Adaptive Style idea in DGX-670 and a few other Yamaha 'boards. Adaptive Styles change the busy-ness and dynamics of the auto-accompaniment in response to the busy-ness and dynamics of the player. The Genos2 knob basically is an explicit manual control over the adaptation. I'm anxious to study the Genos2 styles to see if they use the same meta-data as Adaptive Styles.

As to new instruments, sorry, Genos2 has new waveforms which did not get into Montage M. I was going to start the laborious task of cataloging the new voices today, but this is my initial impression. Montage M is head and shoulders above Genos2 in the piano department.

Waveform expansion memory is about the same vs. Genos1. Genos2 has less USER drive memory, tho' -- a lot less. Genos1 is about 58GB and Genos2 is about 15GB. This is the most stupid design decision that I've seen in a long time. You guys know me by now -- I rarely use the word "stupid". It is.

Ironically, every Genos1 has the FM engine inside it. The FM engine is an integral part of SWP70. The big question is whether the Genos1 SWP70s failed the FM QA test. Yamaha may have sorted such SWP70s for use in Genos/PSR and saved the tested good parts for MODX/Montage. The failed FM engines may have been fused off.

Gonna be a long day. Getting questions on multiple forums. Yamaha needs to send me a T-shirt...

All the best -- pj

Posted : 16/11/2023 6:14 pm
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Yamaha needs to send me a T-shirt

You might consider asking Bad Mister for one of his.

He is known for saying 'been there, done that, got the T-shirt' so he might have a spare he can give/sell you!

Posted : 16/11/2023 6:47 pm

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